End Zone

There are two end zones in Dead Frontier. One on the top far right and the other at the bottom far right. They are located at the edge of Fairview City to the right. Make sure you are at least lv30 to start looting at the end zone. If you want to find where end zone is just go to google image and search up Dead Frontier City map 3D version. The colour should be black on the map.

There are very good loots in the end zone like rare armors, Ammunition and weapons. When you loot there its best to go to Fort Pastor so that it's closer to End Zone. Or you can go to Precinct 13 but it's going to be a long walk to the right.

BE EXTRA CAREFUL because there will be bosses around the end zone. If you notice there is high aggro you should run for your life, or you might end up facing a boss. The bosses most common in end zone are Wraith and Giant Spider. There could be other bosses but those are the common bosses in the end zone.

Here is a picture of a burning Wraith in the End Zone