Welcome to Dead Frontier World, here you can find information about Dead frontier 3D. Dead Frontier is a MMORPG game and also a survival game. In dead frontier you can do missions, make friends, team up against zombies, buy cool weapons and travel further into the city.
The game website is www.deadfrontier.com if your interested in shooting zombies and survival.
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Please PM me if you need any help, I'll try my best. My IGN is haoliu
Also, PLEASE NO BEGGING in any PMs :)

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Update: I am going to be posting less Epic and Legendary loots screenshot to reduce the amount of post in my DF World, it's starting to get pretty messy. I will post Epic and Legendary gears that I haven't looted yet.

Looting with 0 Brightness No HUD in NEZ

Bishop CE9 vs Immolator AD. EZ Performance

Mega Boss FGS in Sixteen Legs

A TS Hacker or Website Glitch?

Account Security, Message from Help Bot

An Account Security message from Help Bot at the start of the game:

Now you know that you should never enter your account name or password in any other sites except the Dead Frontier OFFICIAL site!

You have been WARNED!