Tsukema Tsukeru Dance

I am in the process of learning this dance as well X3

Tsukema Tsukeru: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Dance cover by ~ Beckii Cruel

PSY+MC Hammer Mashup Dance!

This is one of the most epic collaboration dances I have seen so far in my entire life. PSY AND MC Hammer dancing together, sharing the same stage! Truly an awesome moment, I wish I could have seen this in person.

The 2012 American Music Awards

I was unsure of which world to post this in. So I've posted in both this world and in Randomosity

Bo Peep Bo Peep Dance

This is a song by a group called T-ara
Song: Bo Peep Bo Peep

This group did an excellent job doing this dance ~

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Sorry its been a while since Ive posted in this world, but I will make it up to you by posting some dances of course XD

Berryz Koubou : Yuke Yuke Monkey dance
Im learning this one XD

Bumble-bee Extreme Step Team (BEST Crew)

Seeing as this has something to do with both dancing AND comedy/randomness, I will be posting this same thing in my other world "RANDOMOSITY"

Who won in your eyes?? BEST crew??? Or the Poreotics??

Wanna join BEST crew?? Well then try out for it. I think they need a few more members XD