Dancing!!! (Obviously)

Here are some dances that I am practicing!! I have been feeling so dancey!! The holidays really make me want to dance!!! Sadistic Love ...

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Bo Peep Bo Peep Dance

This is a song by a group called T-ara
Song: Bo Peep Bo Peep

This group did an excellent job doing this dance ~

Para Para Dances

Para-Para dancing is a synchronized group dance in Japan. Usually you will dance to Eurobeat or Super Eurobeat music. Its not very popular in Japan anymore, but some people stil do it.

(Hint) Think DBGT When Goku, Pan, and Trunks ran into the "Para Para Brother"

Now then. On with the real dances XD

Tora Tora Tora

(This was the very first Para Para dance I had learned <3)

Velfarre 2000

(Learned this one too :3)

Ike Ike

Luxury Girl

Queen of the Night

(Yeah thats right, boys Para Para too)

Bit** is a Bit**

(This one is Hard DX)

Soran Happies and Neko Hisroshi (Para Para ver)

(Gonna Go and learn this one lolx <3)

As you can tell, Para Para isnt all that hard, mostly a lot of arm movements and a little feet, and then the dance basically repeats, so you dont have to be the best dancer to Para Para. I believe that anyone can Para Para <3


Nyantaro is, I guess you could say that he is my favorite dancer...that Ive ever seen on YouTube <3 I would love to see in dance in real life on a stage ~ In front of me XD (sorry for the fangirling) I wish that I could move the way he does, but Im just not that awesome ~ here Im going to show you a few vids where I just thought his dancing took my breath away XD

This was the first video that I saw of him (thanks to a freind of mines <3)
Song: Ai Kotoba = a.k.a Love Words (Piano version)
Artist: Shounen T (version he is dancing to)
Artist: Vocaloid Miku Hatsune (both piano and dance ver.)

In this vid he had dyde his hair black ~ So yes this is the same person
Song: Cantarella
Artist: Nico Nico Clear (version he is dancing to)
Artist: Vocaloid Kaito Shion

Song: Game of Life
Artist: Nobunaga (version he is dancing to)
Artist: Vocaloid Miku Hatsune

Song: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Artist: Vocaloid Rin Kagamine (though a lot of people say that it is Vocaloid Akita Neru :/)

If you liked what you saw here today ~ Simply search "NYANTARO" in YouTube ~