Tsukema Tsukeru Dance

I am in the process of learning this dance as well X3

Tsukema Tsukeru: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Dance cover by ~ Beckii Cruel


This dance is a rather short one. I for one like it a lot. But just because it is short...doesn't mean that it is an easy dance XD
I am in the process of learning this one <3 Wish me luck!

Galaxias!: Luka Megurine

The girl in the video I <3 her outfit! Her dancing, is also amazing as well...I mean look at her, how is she staying in sync with Miku that entire time?? X3

Freely Tomorrow Dance

Its been a while since I've made any dance posts and I want all you dancers to forgive me. But this weekend I was looking up a ton of dances that I'm sure you can all master with ease! Now then twinkle toes, prepare for an Epic dance spam in you guys backroom <3

Freely Tomorrow: Miku Hatsune

This is the best Freely Tomorrow group dance that I have seen! Truly amazing, they all did an awesome job with such an upbeat dance <3

PSY+MC Hammer Mashup Dance!

This is one of the most epic collaboration dances I have seen so far in my entire life. PSY AND MC Hammer dancing together, sharing the same stage! Truly an awesome moment, I wish I could have seen this in person.

The 2012 American Music Awards

I was unsure of which world to post this in. So I've posted in both this world and in Randomosity

~Dango~ Beckii

Beckii Cruel (Danjo)


(Music Video)

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