2,000 Views <3

Well, well, well!
It's come to this time...time for me to thank all of you wonderful (and horrible) dancers out there <3

D@nce D@nce R@ndom N@tion has finally reached 2,000 views!!!!

I hope you all keep watching and dancing. Keep your fancy feet a'movin!

(Pic Edited by CrimzonN3k0 z)


This is the MOST EASIEST dance in the world...far as I have seen. Even if you just...completely suck at dancing all together, there is still HOPE!!!

Christmas SWAG!! (Dance Edit)

I posted the other version of the video in my world...

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Dancing!!! (Obviously)

Here are some dances that I am practicing!! I have been feeling so dancey!! The holidays really make me want to dance!!! Sadistic Love ...

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Tsukema Tsukeru Dance

I am in the process of learning this dance as well X3

Tsukema Tsukeru: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Dance cover by ~ Beckii Cruel