Cant Dance???

Well I know that this is my world to post wonderfully, wonderful dances. But I've decided to take a step back and call out to those who...aren't the best at dancing but still have some sort of other talent that doesn't require foot movement so that they still seem cool????

NOTICE: This video was posted a couple years ago, therefore the contest mention has obviously ended...and yeah...

Moral of the story...TRY TOP RAVING!!!

2,000 Views <3

Well, well, well!
It's come to this time...time for me to thank all of you wonderful (and horrible) dancers out there <3

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] has finally reached 2,000 views!!!!

I hope you all keep watching and dancing. Keep your fancy feet a'movin!

(Pic Edited by CrimzonN3k0 z)


This is the MOST EASIEST dance in the world...far as I have seen. Even if you just...completely suck at dancing all together, there is still HOPE!!!

Christmas SWAG!! (Dance Edit)

I posted the other version of the video in my world...

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Dancing!!! (Obviously)

Here are some dances that I am practicing!! I have been feeling so dancey!! The holidays really make me want to dance!!! Sadistic Love ...

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