~Mune Mune Kyun~

This is a dance that is very popular with Maid Cafes//Cos Play Cafe's. I find it fairly simple and quite adorable. ...

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I'm a Kounoichi but I want to love

This is a lovely dance that I am currently learning with a friend of mines. ~I'm a Kunoichi But I Want To Love~ ...

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Hare Hare Yukai

To be honest, I have no idea why this wasn't the first dance to be posted in this world. This was the VERY FIRST dance that I learned. (I learned Haruhi's part, of course)

The Short (TV SIZE) version of the dance.

Here is the full dance


Cant Dance???

Well I know that this is my world to post wonderfully, wonderful dances. But I've decided to take a step back and call out to those who...aren't the best at dancing but still have some sort of other talent that doesn't require foot movement so that they still seem cool????

NOTICE: This video was posted a couple years ago, therefore the contest mention has obviously ended...and yeah...

Moral of the story...TRY TOP RAVING!!!