AKB48 River (Dance)

I love this dance and am currently in the process of learning it...I have a feeling that it might take a while for me to get this one down. I really want to become better at dancing and have cleaner moves!! ...

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~Mune Mune Kyun~

This is a dance that is very popular with Maid Cafes//Cos Play Cafe's. I find it fairly simple and quite adorable. ...

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I'm a Kounoichi but I want to love

This is a lovely dance that I am currently learning with a friend of mines. ~I'm a Kunoichi But I Want To Love~ ...

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Hare Hare Yukai

To be honest, I have no idea why this wasn't the first dance to be posted in this world. This was the VERY FIRST dance that I learned. (I learned Haruhi's part, of course)

The Short (TV SIZE) version of the dance.

Here is the full dance