News: Detective Comics to Release a Batman 75th Anniversary issue

As some of you DC Comcis fans know, sometime in the spring of next year will mark the 75th anniversary of Batman's debut. However, indicates that DC Comics will begin the celebration early with the release of Detective Comics (Vol. 2) No. 27, scheduled for release on 1/08/2014. According to DC, the issue will contain 104 pages as opposed to the traditional 32-page/issue count so as to marketed as a mega-sized anniversary spectacular that will feature stories from various Batman writers past and present (reminds me of when Marvel released The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 No. 692 back in August 2012 as a Spider-Man 50th anniversary spectacular to include a number of stories by a few different writers). Plus, one of the stories will allow DC readers to witness at last, the DC New 52's revision of the event Bruce Wayne finally becomes Batman.

I like the idea of the upcoming issue being a megasized Batman anniversary issue featuring stories from various writers and artists, but I feel that the New 52's take on the Bruce Wayne-becoming-Batman event could have been saved for after the release of Batman (Vol. 2) No. 31, which will feature part 11 of the 11-part storyarc "Batman: Zero Year", which (according to an aquaintance of mine) deals with the year before Bruce officially start his life as the Dark Knight and how it impacts the lives of those who would eventually become super-heroes during the years prior to the current DC year in the timeline of the DC New 52 Universe. Anyway, to those new to Batman, I recommend you buy Detective Comics (Vol. 2) No. 27 when it comes out in stores where comics are sold as it's likely to be selling like crazy, and read the currently running storyarc "Batman: Zero Year" to learn of what builds up the hero's transformation into super-hero. For those of you who already know Batman, this issue is must-buy if you plan on celebrating the 75th anniversary of the character's debut, unless you're the kind who disfavors the New 52's overhauling of DC Universe history and would rather instead read Frank Miller's Batman: Year One (which features Batman's origin according to the Post-Crisis timeline of the previous main universe setting in the canon DCU continuity, New Earth).

5:00 PM Canada EST