...welcome to this imaginary world...

date with a gay..?

so last valentine my friends and i went out for dinner.. we were a group of 12 people and one can say it's like a group date.. two couples went on separate ways after eating.. im not very good at socializing so i just quietly sipped my drink and played with the ice.. lol..

even though they're my friends, i barely know them.... and there's no other girl other than that girl whom i dont really know as she's a friend of a friend and she seemed to be not in the mood to have a chat.. i can tell.. im most likely giving off the same aura... XD but there's this good-looking gay who just kept smiling and approached me..

"what a waste.." i softly thought... i would always thought of that whenever i see gay people.... especially if they're super good looking to the point where they're even cuter than me... gaaah... its common so its really a waste...

it seems he didnt heard me or he thought im talking about my drink coz i scooped up an ice cube and spilled it.. it's just an ice cube.. he was looking at it and he probably thought of picking it up if i didnt say hi right away..

"hi" so i said hi...

he said hi too and we started some basic conversations.. he took my hand and did a quick hand shake and he started talking about how soft my hand is... it's fat thats why its soft.. lol... our conversation began there.. it went smoothly coz it's all about girly stuff.... i dont even talk about girly stuff..!! @[email protected];

talking to him was sort of fun but i kinda feel awkward looking at him.. he probably noticed that i dont look at him directly.. im not shy... or maybe i am.. but it's probably coz im talking to a handsome gay.. TT^TT im sorry... i might be mean but thats my honest feelings..... =/ but i prefer gay friends than girl friends... lol... just need to know more about him and accept the fact..... XD

the group decided to leave and so do we.. luckily, our conversation went out natural regardless of my personal thoughts about him... it's just 8pm.. wanted to go home to work on my projects but he asked, "want to go over there..?"

eeh....... i believe he pointed in a fashion boutique.. which reminds me, his fashion sense is really cool... if he just remained silent, i wouldnt have thought he's gay.... gaaah.. what a waste....... if only i have the power to make him straight, i would.. just so i'd be walking in the street with a cool guy and people will see us as a cute couple.. kyaahh....~~ LOL...........

i said sure... it's not that dark yet anyways and i thought of giving my wrists some rest as well as my mac needs some good long sleep too.. so yeh, sure and we walked and talked..

didnt realize the time as we were having fun window shopping.. it's almost 10.. he bought coffee and then suggested we should go home... omg.. yes... i completely forgot that i have class in the morning and i cant afford to be late.. XD

so yeah, we went to the subway.. someone was waving at us and it appears to be his friend... i was like, oh no his boyfriend came to pick him up..? XD he's cute but this gay is above.. i was just smiling and keeping the friendly face..

"finally a cute girlfriend eh.." the guy said as he walk towards us..

i automatically assumed that he's referring to me as the "cute" girlfriend.. lol.... XD but he said girlfriend.. he probably meant "girl" friend.. but i cant help and think of something else..

the gay cleared up his throat and said, "u are kinda messing it up dude.." in a manly voice......... o.o

"oh haha, my bad.. miss, had fun with ur date with a gay..?" the friend said as if he's enjoying life..

i was confused but somehow i think i know whats going on........

......or im just daydreaming that he's actually not gay... =P


at school with snowp..

i just had this dream that i want to continue before i forget so i daydream and continue what i hoped the continuation would be and it goes something like this...

i was sitting in a single table in the cafeteria at school.. i had my laptop and i was typing.. this was how my dream started.. i was confused, "what am i writing?" the words just continued as i keep typing randomly.. then i thought, "ah, this happening might be a good idea for my story!"

"what story??" i thought behind my thoughts. i was even talking to my inner inner self and typing casually... XD at that point, i didnt know i was dreaming.. im not even sure if im the one typing or im just seeing things as how other people would see, like a mind transfer or something.. so if u think that the one writing this is the one who made this, think again.. i will too..

i left my seat for a moment and saw someone i wanted to see but i dont remember his face.. >A<; but i remember him smiling.. he's always smiling for no reason.. it makes me want to smile too.. :)

i came back to my seat and continued typing.. "where was i?" i asked myself... ....... ...... ............. an email notification cut off my thinking dots and it was from snowp..~~ "ah yes, she'll come to my school today" i didnt realize i was talking to myself.. i looked back and saw the guy again but this time, only his back as he entered his classroom.. i was just intrigued by his smiling face.. wonder if he was smiling coz he heard me talking to myself.. OTL

hours later, snowp said she'll arrive soon.. i waited in the entrance and saw her from a distance.. "hey..~" we greeted each other and she suddenly started talking before me.. talk about the school and we went around for a bit and then in some hallway, that same guy appeared..

"wo de ai.." i told snowp while giving hints that it's meant for the guy that's walking towards us.. snowp just laughed coz she knows what i meant while i dont know how else to say it in her language.. "wo xi huan ta" is probably a better term but thats kinda long and wo de ai was the first to come in my mind.. XD she just looked straight to the guy and i was kinda worried that she will tell him what i just said.. a similar event happened before so i was alarmed and then i realized, i was already looking at my ceiling.. and i was like what the heck..?! i am curious what happened next...

snowp said hi to the guy.. "hey tuuu~~t.. fancy meeting u here..~" as if snowp will say this line but whatever..

i was surprised so i asked her, "u know him..?!"

"we were classmates back in high school...he's from winnipeg too."


she was talking to him casually and it was the first time i heard his voice too so i just listened to them until i heard snowp said, "she said she loves you"

"eh..?" i turned my head towards snowp and opened my eyes, blinked for like 3x and raised an eyebrow.. "ha........."

"u said wo de ai which means he's your love"

he looked at me with an expression i cant read...

.. . . .. . . . .....

.......!! no wait, i dont think snowp would do that.. again again... lets go back a bit..

she was talking to him casually and it was the first time i heard his voice too so i just listened until i heard snowp said, "so where in winnipeg are u again?" she asked him..

"somewhere in the north area" he answered.

"rei, dont u live in the north area too?"

"yeah, house #18 in that subdivision"

"oh... so u are the daughter they're talking about?"


"ur parents said u just flew back here so i didnt get a chance to see u at home"

"huh......... u've been to my house..?"

"and i stayed in ur room for about 2 days.."

"ur kidding....."

"sailor moon stuff.. pink piggy bank.. pink curtain, pink bed sheet, pink pillows, pink---"

"ok ok.... how come i didnt hear anything about this..?" it must be that thing my mom was talking about but i was out of the house most of the time and if im not out, she is.. or im locked in my room finishing up my projects.. x_x"

"pink towel, pink robe.." he continued as if he's seen it all...... my piggy bank is not pink btw...... but majority of my room is pink coz of my mom's hobby.. v_v" and i wont deny the sailor moon stuffs..... :>

i just stared at him and he seemed to understand.. snowp's just smiling and watching us.. she's probably making fun of my pink stuff too deep inside.. pfft.. what's wrong with pink..? yeah, whats wrong with pink..? but what a small world...... if i didnt know snowp's is in toronto that happened to be from winnipeg too, i wouldnt have known this guy..

"so why are u in my house for about 2 days..?" i resumed the conversation..

there are multiple answers i have thought of..

one, he'll say his family moved to winnipeg and just happened to know my family so they stayed in our place til they've settled in their own house..

two, our parents agreed that he'd be my fiancee and letting him see how i've lived my life in that house..

three, he's actually my cousin and having a vacation in winnipeg..

four, he's a stray tourist and my parents let him stay in our house..

and lastly... i forgot.... so i'll just stop before i hear his true answer..

oh, i wont hear his answer anyway coz this is just a daydream after all.. =P


read this first..

about this world..

1.. all stories are fictional.... never happened or unlikely to happen in real life.. maybe it will.. who knows.. it's an imaginary world for fun..


2.. want to join..? pm me ur story and i'll post it myself.. i want to monitor what goes in this world.. so pls keep it clean.. XD

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now on to the start of this imaginary world....~~~