Hello every one!
I'm Dark Kitty Love, here's some about me.

Name:(wont say) But you may call me Darkittylove or Kairi.

Love/likes:Anime, music, cosplay, manga, games, drawing, animals, creepy things and MEN!!!

Dislikes/hates:loud sounds, doing nothing and barking dogs...

Fave singer/bands:The Gazette, Gackt, Versailles, Nightmare, D=out, Dir-en-Grey, Malice Mizer, Alice Nine, 12012, Exist Trance and more


Well I been out for so long and mostly on face book just because it's on my phone but.... ShouldI come back here?

Did she really...?-_-

Just the other day I was going insane coz my ex was acting suuuper emo. And say "The world is rotten" and all kinds of things like that. Now coz I'm.... Well to nice I guess and like to help I'm asking what's wrong nicely, and the boy was a stubborn!!!!He wouldn't say a thing. All he said was that he'd tell me at the convention next weekend. I just got the feeling like it was some thing important and needed to be talked about asap and not at a con when we'd be trying to have fun coz it could mess the day.

And so I was about to like force him to talk he pretended to have to leave. But I knew he was still there. So as soon as he does that his best friend which is really mad at him too came up out of no where. So I'm like knowing them he must know what's up. And so I ask and oooomg I didn't like what he said...

He said that this one friend we all knew tolled my ex that I was making out with some dude! Every one that knows me KNOWS I wouldn't do that! But he was the only one that thought I did and was telling way to many people. Really I was mad she did that and it was like after some friends her and I hung out, made a movie and I was like really nice to her. She already annoyed others so really I'm not talking to her for a looooong time. I didn't care she did that coz I'm the type that people can say anything they want and it wont bring me down, but yeah the only thing I did care was that he thought it was true.

And so knowing that I did my thing and sent him an email telling him that he NEEDED to tell me now. I tryied to make it look like I didn't know. And it worked for him. And so that little rumor is still going around but dieing slowly. I got it all fixed up with him. So I'ma good now.

In other news, I'm going to a con next weekend and am like reeeeally trying to do the cosplays on time. Oh! And I'm going to do a dance for it too! I all ready got it down just gotta perfected it and I'm good. See here is that dance.


Sorry I haven't been on much...I have events like every weekend and need to make and or finish 4 cosplay for next weekend which is the con. And tomorrow I'm going with friends in cosplay to watch the Alice In Wonderland movie I'm the Prince of Hearts. Then the next week after the con I got something too and will be the last time I see one of my best friends for a looooong time. And every saturday I'm out all day long coz of my classes then summer comes and it's will be FULL of people here mostly coz of that Harry Potter part in IOA. Happy I'll see it before most and free too.

So yeah sorry, hopefully I'll do more here soon tho.

Returned form the dead!

A lot has happen so I'll just show some of what's happened lately. This is what I wrote in some other place~

Jan 30th I went to a one day anime con! Omg.....It was fun yet veeeeery annoying... I was going to cosplay Zexion but a friend called and ask if I wanted to be part of their Kuroshitsuji photoshoot and so I said yes! I got there before most did coz I had sadly, some classes that day too and couldn't miss them. So then I meet up with one of my friends at the lobby we talked a bit then met up with her Hetalia group. lol, I was Grell at the time.

I looked at the dealers room and as I walked back to her I see the guy her and I had a HUGE crush on. I ask her "Hey, is it me or did he come...?" (He tolled every one he might not be coming but really made it look like he wasn't) She's like "no he said he wasn't." Then one of the Hetalia member with us yells out "Prussia!!! Prussia's here!!!" My friend runs to me and runs back to me and is freaked! It looked like she was going to faint or something. Then even I started to freak out! We were like OMG!!!!! More of of friend started to come but we just kept staring at him and talking about him and thinking we were going to faint. She manged to say hi but I couldn't. He didn't even see us or know any one was there untill they come up to him and said hi. Anywho, I had to leave before my best bud (which I am kinda mad at) came and she was sad about that...Then when I got there for my classes they cancelled them on me so then I thought I should pick up a friend that was around there and couldn't go coz he had no ride.

Got back and my best bud was there. She had my maka cosplay I let her borrow for that day, and I was going to were her soul cosplay coz we were going to take some photos for my ex coz he was going to pay her something. So I'm like ok and change. It was going to be for just a bit but my STUPID ex kept running off on us and I was never able to do the Kuroshitsuji photoshoot.....Sad coz we had everyone... And so it was fun but annoying. if any one would like to see photos of it or videos as well just ask and I'll post them here! ^-^

*sigh* I'm kinda annoyed now that my aunt and her family are living with me and mine. There was not much room, food and money as it was and now there's less. 10 people not only that but 10 SPANISH people in one tiny. Really I'm down with that even tho they keeping my chocolate!!!! I'm fine. But I can't watch what I want to watch any more!!!! I wanted to Saw5 but it not for them coz it's rated R....XD And tried watch the Gamer, Halloween 2-4, Sweeney Todd and all these others but nooooooooo! At lest they go to sleep at around 8-9pm. and I can watch them in my room with my sisters. lol yes I don't sleep! Wahahaha!

And soooooo my bday was the 7th. OH! Thank you to all those who wish me a happy Bday!!!! I'd so hug you all if I could!!!! Anywho, It was ok. It was aimed at my bro this time. But I didn't mind, I had fun the day before.

Last Friday I slept at my best bud's place. We just talked coz it was RAINING hard out side so yeah..... (We just planed to go to the mall the next day after all my classes.) It was still fun tho but then my ex kept calling her untill she picked up. lol! We were pretending I wasn't there. (I never gave him my number) He just kept talking!!!! Omg! It was for an hour ad 1/2 long. We were like "UGHHHH!!!!" but had our fun in the background. lol.

Next day we just watched TV waiting for my mom to come and take me to my 1st class. (Not going into what happened when she got there) I missed the class but had another later on in the day. I got 1 at 11-12 then one at 3-5pm And so I when to the mall with her and 2 others. And that part of the day was really fun!

And now me and me bro's Bday hit, and like I said it was mostly for him. I just watched what he did and what ever any one wanted me to do. But I didn't mind.

*sigh* Yesterday was a really bad day and I ended up getting many mad at me... To....Much....Yelling...! Not only that but I didn't sleep the night before and my health problems were acting up.~

And that's some of it. Sooooo many other things happened that can't really write it down coz it's too much and most isn't good... I toke that month off to relax but it didn't go so well... But I'm happy some of it did go good! Now off to look at all that I missed.

Out.... -_-

Hi every one, just wanna say I'm not going to be here in theO for some time after today. So good bye for now.