Hello everybody! I'm Raven and I'm your host in this trip to the deepest place in my mind. So get prepare yourself. This is not a pretty place, neither an horrible. I've always said that one needs to see the things not as good or bad in order to understand other's people feelings.Pride or Guilty? I don't care. Things happen, that's the truth; despite that we are here with our beliefs. Our actions are the way we can touch the world and the people, they are as well the stones in the river's road that make it turn different direction.

The story ends at the same time as life does. Every minute is a new opportunity to change the world by living your own life and giving life to others. Never let people to chain your spirit of freedom; but most important, never let your sense of freedom to enslave your heart.

Hearing your heart is not the same than understanding your heart. He will feel the truth, but not the way to make it happen. The Mind it's the one who links the heaven with our destiny, a destiny made with the own hands.

No matter where, how or when a light born, but the people it illuminates and the big it becomes on its own. God does not judge a tree for its roots but for its fruits.

In this place I'll show you that the things that we are used to see and believe hide a lot of lies that the world wants us to be controlled by. I just want you to be yourself and trust your heart. Then you'll realized... perhaps we must let the time come out with that.

There is no better way to explain something than a story, some of you know my taste for stories but that's truth. I don't have nothing in mind for now, despite that it'd be much interesting if i create that as I write it. So in that way even me won't know the end. Perhaps the end doesn't exist.


Despues de un largo tiempo sentados en la mitad de la pista comenzamos a camininar sin decir palabra alguna. Tras pasar el puente que nos llevaba al centro de la ciudad ella me tomo de la mano y me dijo gracias, no entendi realmente porque lo deci...

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Sin Pasado

Ayer no pude dormir pensando en lo que hice durante la noche, es imposible asi que prefiero no creerlo. Mi nombre es Isosuke, al menos eso es lo que se desde que tengo memoria, naci en un lugar que nadie recuerda y que nadie quiere recordar...

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Rompiendo el Espejo: Prologo

No todos podemos decir que nacimos en la luz, y muchos menos podemos decir que caminamos en ella. Pero al final quien dira que es lo importante. Un camino se hace al caminar. La vida fluye como un rio sin cauc...

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