Hello my name is NagisaTomoyaO
I choose this username because i love this anime even tho its sad. I love sad games as well(Shadow of the Colossus)
Im not emo its just sad stuff can be very lovely...but still sad. I also like action and comedy type of anime. Im in love reding Manga (online on my Droid) ever since middle school.

I do draw ill be drawing pictures for this site idk if its going to be soon or not.

Im actually 23 yrs old I was born in a Dec. ??,88(guess it right and ill draw one of your OC). I like repairing things for fun. Last thing i repair was this Acoustic guitar. I play games(playing FFD 012 on the psp) but not much anymore its not addictive to much.
I love playing Yu-gi-oh I wield a Dark Gaia Deck(i love my deck)

Guess that it...
If you want to know more you can PM me anytime. I may reply slow so thank you for the patience.

Art block :( anybody want art trade?

Help me, please

I got art block

Same time I want to art trade

Art doodle

this is a doodle of art work ill be uploading
I take art trade
if you got any request please pm me.

yugioh edited dub on youtube

I like seeing this on youtube ...

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