Hi hi hi!!!! Here we go! This world is for our, we mean T'n'D, fan-fic of Bleach We hope you like it (if you don't - please do not read it further, don’t make yourself feel bad).
We'll gladly read your comments, so feel free to say what you think Well, what more we can say?! Good reading, fellows!!


Chapter 3 - Finished!

"That is pic which Tabeko was making" Tabeko: Toshiro, I just talked with Dermiana, she gave you her sympathy. Toshiro: Really? Thanx! But I already us...

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Chapter 2 - In the Progress of Making Surprise

*Dermiana AGAIN doesn’t hear this* Tabeko: Ei, you’re still breathing? Toshiro: Yeh, yeh.. Tabeko: Gomen that I’m taking so lon...

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It Began!! Chapter 1 - The Big Surprise!

*while Dermiana doesn’t hear anything…* Tabeko: Toshiro, better be good! You have to make a surprise to Dermiana!! Toshiro: I get it, I ge...

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Some explain before reading

That everyone could understand this fan-fic easier I will tell something about it Here it goes:

This fiction was born when I and Tabeko were talking (I mean writing...) on Skype. Tabeko thought that I got angry or something and decided to make picture to me (adding colors to manga pic). While she was doing it she came up with this conversation with Toshiro. It started... Firstly this was 'monologue' (just Tabeko was making it), later is became dialogue: T talked for one char - I for other So some are made just by Tabeko, some by both of us.
It was quite long time ago... But I finally translate it into English (don't be mad for spelling & grammar mistakes cuz English isn't mine mother-tongue language as you can see). I will put it here in original language too for those who can understand it First page is in English, second page is in Lithuanian.