Hello Everyone! My name is Dalila Love! I'm a very old Otaku account, who decided to check up on it once more! Only to see it has completely changed! I was so scared... (I still am...) But... let me take the time to tell you about me.

Name: Dalila Love

Age: 21

Height: 5'7"

Hair Colour: Blond

Eye Colour: Green

Ethnicity: Hawaiian/ English (I'm very tan and I have an English accent... GO FIGURE!)

Shoe Size: 10 (Women) 8 (Men) 12.5 (UK!)

Favourite Colour:

Favourite Shoe: Converse

Favourite Pants: Skinnys

Educational Status: Junior (College) Graduated Valedictorian

Favourite Animal: Swan

My pets: Jaiden (Chocolate Lab Puppy) Mino and Philip (Hamsters)

Group Name: Scene

Dorm or Apartment: Dorm

Favourite Food: Hawaii Kabobs (Delicious!!)

Least Favourite Food: Tomatoes... ICK

Favourite Band: MIKA

Least Favourite Band: JONAS BROTHERS

Favourite Genre of Music: Techno

Favourite Movie Genre: Action/ Horror

Job: Music Editor

Dream Job: Director

Mom or Dad: DAD

Anything else you want to know? MESSAGE ME!

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