Hi everyone. This world is basicly about me. Here I'll post about topics that I find interesting.

About Me
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age:?(you guess, but not over 20)
Favorite Colors:Blue and Purple
Enjoys: Anime(Duh), reading, writing(in a way)and making friends.

Right Now
*Check out The Soul Society It's a real fun role playing site for Bleach fans.

Animes Currently Watching

  • Pandora Hearts
  • Bleach
  • (Don't kow if it counts as an anime)Dead Fantasy
  • More to come, tell me about any anime you thing I might like


This song makes me want to get up and dance haha

I'm Sorry!

I've been gone for so long! I finally came back but now I don't know what to do? The one person I talk too on the O is leaving so now I've been left alone to fend for myself since the friends I did know no longer get on. I also haven't found any anime to watch on awhile? The last one I was watching (Elemental Gelade)ened. I've been looking for Shugo Chara Party but I don't know where to find it. I've also want to read Shugo Chara do I'm looking for that online as well.I haven't drawn anything in awhile. My mind is a complete blank. I'm not that great of an artist but mybe some one can give me an idea?

I wonder if anyone really reads these?


This post is about my life on a day to day base. I'll add whenever I get a chance. I guess you can see it as an online dairy in a way.

July 27,2009
Two more weeks untill school starts, and I'm super nervous. I'd think that after staring school several times over for my whole life, it really wouldn't be that bad. Maybe the fear of not having classes with any friends keeps my jitters jittering.*laughs* That happened last year, I was scared. I'm also not that out going as I would like.*sighs* However; I made friends, not just that class but my other classes too. Non of my friends at school like anime, so that can get kinda lonely, but we find other sublects to talk about. It's good to get online to compare and talk about anime.*smiles* I've made friends here and there, that are great and eazy to talk to. Thats it for now, I'll write later.

August 1, 2009
The first day a August.*sighs* It brings me down, not because I don't like the month or anything. It's just that it marks the last few remaining days of summer. On a more positve note, I might be going out of town to visit my family.^^ I usually go every summer,but someone dear passed away and I felt like giving them some space.(Didn't get that much more positive)It was the first summer with out him, so I thought I'd let them get their barings together. They decided to remodel the house and I'd just get in the way.^^ I didn't tell anyone about my way of thinking, so everyone thinks I just wanted to spend the summer here at home. Turned out I was bored pretty much all summer.^^' I'll have to go next summer for sure. I already know that
I'll get scolded for not going this time.
Most recently I went fishing. Woke up way earlier than I normaly would have, so it was a slow start. I had fun however.^^ The youngest to go, my cousin of 9, caught the first two fish right away. She was so happy. She kept getting mad when they wanted to let the fish go because they were small.*laughs* She wouldn't let them no matter how much they tried to change her mind. They gave in and ended up naming the fish Seasalt and Seaweed.^^'(good thing she was already asleep when we ate that night)
I was later that day when we came home that we had gotten sunburned. Nothing to bad, we applied some sunscreen earlier that day. I guess we didn't put enough on our face because most of us looked as if we'd applied a decent amount of blush.^^ My upper arms also got burnt. It's just this section that reminds me of the tatoo(I think) that Pocahontas(From the Disney movie) has on her left arm. thats it because nothing really happened today. Oh I did summit two eCard, if you want to look but other than that, I'll be seeing you around.

August 16, 2009
I've been so busy getting ready for school, I hardly have time for anything. I forgoet about the summer reading so now I have to read both the books. I finished the first one Catcher In The Rye and now I have to read A Separate Peace. I didn't all to much like Catcher in the Rye. A bit to random for my teast. Her only talked to everyone like once and most of them weren't part of the plot. Ok well I shouldn't say that. I didn't quite get the plot of the theme? (Help if you did) I can't find A separate peace(in the libary, all on hold)I'll try to make more time to gat on, but school starts in four days. It kinda sucks for me because I don't seem to have classes with any of my friends. I know I'm so lucky<It's a joke if you didnt get it)

November 21, 2009
Ha ha Feels like forever since I writen in this. well whats knew with me..umm? It's fall where I live so the weather is getting cold outside. I miss the warm sun some times and going out with a good book and just reading in the sun light. It sounds more poetic than it is. It relaxing for me so I enjoy reading outside. Theres also less distracions if I'm alone, you know no tv,computer,loud music, or ringing phone.(Unless you take the phone outside)Anyway back to the subjuct... it snowed the other day. It was so wonderful. I wasn't prepared for how cold it was and it melted rather quick, but it was fun to walk around with snow flakes in my hair and leave foot prints as I made my way around school.
I've made some pretty funny friends this year. We're always laughing during class about one miss understanding or another. The other day one of them was working a big project. She made the title very neat being as creative as she could.It looked great, really stood out, only to dicover that it was spelled wrong. She was mad at us for laughing at her for a while then cooled down as we helped fix it..
I don't know what else to tell you? I'll really try to wrie more often.

P.S. Scanners out, so no scans. Long wait to an already long wait.*Cries*


School work

I recently started school, and yeah it sucks. I get stuck with all this work since I'm taking some honors classes. Not only is the work long but I'm getting behind on the O. I haven't posted a thing since school. I just want a free day so I can post a few things and maybe upload. *sigh* Well lets see how things go...