Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold

A D. Gray-man fanfiction ft. Daisya Barry

This is just whoop-de-freaking wonderful.” The young man stressed the last word with seething exasperation. He sat on the bench and looked around at the train tracks before him, as if expecting a locomotive to suddenly come rumbling down the tracks in an attempt to compensate for its tardiness. But alas! No such miracle happened. “O God who art in Heaven”, he muttered to the yellowish sky that was crawling into dusk, “why?” He kicked several rocks into the crackled boards of the tracks. “Why did you have to stick me in the veritable litterbox of the world?” He, Daiysa Barry, was- keyword was- on a mission with his team that consisted of the ever taciturn Yu Kanda, equally silent Noise Marie, and their spacey Exorcist general Froi Tiedoll. His latest quest for Innocene had led his team across most of the Eastern seaboard, but to only find one-ONE!- piece of the elusive crystal. Now he was separated from his own team when his ship was attacked by a copious swarm of akuma and he was swept out to sea. He was left floating in the rip tide until some American fishermen netted him and graciously put him on solid ground again. The only problem was that he had no idea what time it was or even the day of the month. “WHYYYYYY?!” He yelled and leapt up at the sky, thrashing his arms at the clouds.

“Hey! You there, young ‘un!”

A grizzled, elderly man leaned out of the rickety ticket booth with an irritated expression plastered onto his face. “Ye best better be shushin’ or I’ll git the sherriff over here to take you to an even more quieter place: the county jail! Hush up now, ya ‘ere?!” Daisya glared back at him and snorted, “This dump has a sherriff? Damn, that’s a shock!” He grabbed his black coxcomb and stomped away towards the center of the dusty Southern town. “I hate this place,” he sneered and baring his unusually pointed canine teeth, “Not only is it useless, but boring, too!” He stomped to a fairly sturdy-looking inn that didn’t give the impression that it would fall on his head the minute he stepped onto the foundation. “Oy! Anybody here?” He looked incredulously at a smashed vagrant that was sprawled in a corner with a gin bottle held firmly in his grimy hands. “Anybody sober?” He pleaded. A middle-aged woman stepped out from behind the bar and squinted at the strange lad before her. “Here I am. What ‘cha need, sonny?” She firmly placed her balled-up fists on her hips. “We normally don’t see too many immigrants ‘round these parts,” she chuckled darkly, “ain’t killed nobody, I hope?” Daisya stiffend and glared daggers at the rude woman. “Look, I’ll leave very soon so don’t you worry about that, but can I just can get some directions outta here so I can go home!” He sighed and rubbed the temples of his head. The woman looked at him and barked a laugh, “Well if you want to go somewhere, just take the train! It’s bound to end up some place!” Daisya, by now was thoroughly enraged and hurled a few insults in both Turkish and English before dashing out the door to…anywhere. He didn’t really care about where he was going now.

The Turkish man had calmed down a few hours ago and had fallen asleep in a mossy, but relatively comfortable knoll. It’d had taken him all night to avoid the hicks that harassed him about being a smelly foreigner, the feral and hungry dogs, and the bugs that craved his blood incessantly. He tumbled into the ditch and lay there, too exhausted and angry at God and everybody to complain. So he just fell asleep in that ditch for the night. When he woke up, he discovered that someone or something had taken his cloak that was also attached to his Charity Bell Innocence. Not good. Not good at all. He had discovered a couple of large paw print with stubby claws that circled the mud he was snoozing in. Dogs, he mentally cursed. “I really hate dogs now.” Daisya had spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon searching high and low for his missing garb…

Physically, mentally, and emotionally spent, he toppled onto a toppled, dead tree and stared at the horizon that was marred by a labyrinth of pines and oaks. Does this mean I can’t be an exorcist any more? He shook the doubt from his head and stood up. “No way. I didn’t leave my home and family to do anything other than this. No.” He glared at the sky and sighed. “Okay, okay. You win.” He raised his hands in mock defeat. “Please work with me here, ‘kay?” A slight breeze brought the scent of cedar and grass to his nose, and for some reason it gave him hope. “Thanks.” He smiled for the first time in a long time. Then, with the still fresh tracks from the roaming dogs that had stolen his jacket, he intently made his way through the thickets and briars with renewed hope. He rattled his brain for his mother’s favorite proverb, what was it now? Ah, yes. “With every cloud is a silver lining!”

Hahaha. I know, didn’t expect this to surface but it happened. I did a spur-of-the-moment fanfic for Daisya’s birthday today! Wow. That’s gotta be a world record. LOL I’ll probably end this fic in the next or third chapter. I didn’t intend to make this long, but quite lengthy and sweet. And hurrah! I ressurected my plot bunnies! Joy! I hope you enjoyed this fic, because there’s still a good bit left to tell! Thank you and good night, peoples~! <3