Carol of the Bells

Ring-a-ling-a-ling! A bell chimed in the streets.

The merry atmosphere of the city was a good thing to help calm the nerves. After all those months of chasing one, fruitless Innocence crusade after another, with the occasional akuma swarm, a few days off was pure gold to the heart! Glittering candle lamps shone warmly onto the holly braided around their pole. The smells were equally appetizing with the spicy hint of freshly baked jellyrolls and honey-glazed cinnamon buns. The people, eyes alight with either holiday glee or rush hour panic, strode past the young man as he silently ambled around them. His eyes, partially hidden by the hood of his garb, were a sharp shade of black that twinkled with the only hint you would receive about any potential trickery. Strolling at his own pace amidst the gift stalls that publicized their wares to the deep-pocketed crowd, the black-cloaked gentleman ducked into an alley and into a secluded park where he came to rest in an unoccupied picnic shelter.

The youthful chap sighed with relief, visually elated to get away from the stampede of people hyped up of the spirit of the season. Brushing the snow from his eyelashes, he removed his cowl and ran both hands through his short, earth-toned hair. After the improvised grooming, he raised his head and stared blankly into the inky, cobalt haze that was muddled with fog and the steady flurry that was beginning to dust the ground. Without shifting his gaze, he lifted his hand and the familiar ringing that he had grown accustomed to, whether it be from the modest doorbell from home or the formidable weapon that it was now, rejoiced as it sprang into the air and landed in the palm of his hand. It spun with an almost magical green and gold shine as it jingled happily and began to bounce from his hand and rolled onto the ground as if it was cheerfully awaiting a command. The young man laughed and playfully kicked the sphere sending it ricocheting off of the streetlamps, trashcans, and anything else in its wake, with an unnatural force.

“Sheesh. For Christmas, it’s rather boring.” He spoke to no one in particular as he pouted and rolled the bell around with his foot. His teammates, Kanda, Marie, and General Tiedoll were supposed to meet him here. Komui, the Black Order’s Head Supervisor, had made the decision to bring back all of the organization’s surviving staff, exorcists, finders, and all. He said that it would be “in everyone’s best interest if they all rendezvoused and reported in, just to be on the safe side.” What that translated to was, “everybody-get-your-butts-back-here-its-party-time!” A grin split across his as he tittered impishly at the thought. No one at Central had a clue what was about to go down!

A squirming in the pocket of his cloak interrupted his daydream. A pair of miniature bat wings spread into the air and flapped around. It was his golem and apparently it had an incoming call. The young man stretched, poked the bat-like creature in the eye, and leaned back awaiting the message.

“Merhaba?”* He asked in his native Turkish tongue. He suddenly wished he did not ask.


The force of the yell sent the poor guy tumbling over the bench and into the hedges. Normally he was a very forgiving, flexible person, but Yu was testing that boundary a little too much!

Daisya groaned and picked the vengeful twigs out of his clothes and glared at the device.

“So nice to hear from you too,” he grinned, “Yu-chan.”


The bat like creature just hovered in the air. The silence continued…


Kanda’s outrage was only matched by his teammate’s peals of laughter. Daisya wiped some tears from his eyes as he heard sounds of scuffling, muffled curses, and other evidence of a struggle. A different voice filtered through the audio.

“Daisya?” This voice was deep and had a Austrian accent.

“Marie! Where’re you guys? Is the general with you?” Daisya smiled again, unable to keep the amusement out of his voice.

“We’re downtown at Verchester Avenue. That’s where we agreed to meet so the carriage could pick us up, remember?” The stress was evident in his voice.

“Oh. So that’s what is was.” The Turkish man frowned and delved into his memory, attempting to recover when and where they said to meet. “Nope! Doesn’t ring a bell!” Daisya kicked his Innocence jovially. He just couldn’t resist the joke.

Marie sighed, “Come here anyway. We’ve been here over three hours. It’s rude to be kept waiting.” Daisya huffed and dusted his exorcist uniform.

“All right! All right!” He snatched the communication golem out the air and pocketed it. “Geez, you sound like my mother!” The exorcist leapt over the bench and climbed up a scaffolding bar. He saw the vibrant, festivity of the colorful city lights. Turning his head, he observed the dim, solemn glow of the less desirable edge of town. Flashing that infamous winning grin, Daisya ran across the roofs like a wizened alley cat.

“Downtown it is!”


How was it for chapter 1? Kinda long? Good! Hahaha. This is my first fanfic for Daisya, so I’ve looked forward to typing it for some time now! It’s set during Christmas, the holiday season. I know you’re all like “What? It’s July!” Well, Daisya and Christmas just go so well together! That and the plot bunnies wouldn’t give me rest until I made it! o_0 I’ll have more chapters up hopefully, with many of the regular characters as well as a few OCs. Other than that, everything will be kept rather OOCness. Maybe a few fluffy pairing. OOC and OC. I hope you like it! =^-^= Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you play along and enjoy the fic! =3

* "Merhaba" is Turkish for a casual 'Hello?'