Merhaba (Hello)! Welcome to the one and only WORLD on TheOtaku dedicated to Daisya Barry, accomodator of the Charity Bell innocence! My pure love, admiration, and respect for the memory of him fuels this page, so please; if you're a fan on this wonderful character, join us and bask in the awesomeness one of the most loved D. Gray-Man Characters!!! Also, link to us! Expand the D. Gray-Community!!!

This is one of my favorite AMVs. Hope you like!

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Fool's Gold

Fool’s Gold A D. Gray-man fanfiction ft. Daisya Barry This is just whoop-de-freaking wonderful.” The young man stressed the last word with seething exaspera...

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Happy Birthday Daisya!

This is Shiroi♥ (or Kuroi♥ whichever you wish to call me at this point) making a 'Happy Birthday' guest post for Daisya~ It's a day early for the American's and most Europeans, but hey! I'm on time this year! xD ...

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Profile: Daisya Barry

The same as the Cross-sama profile. Read on and you may learn something new about the cheerful exorcist! :)

Daisya Barry

Personal Data
Age: 19
Nationality: Turkey
Height: 169cm
Weight: 58kg
Birthday: 5th April
Horoscope: Taurus
Bloodtype: A
Interest: Soccer
Likes: Shark
Dislikes: Retreat

Personality Bar
Education - 2
Affinity - 3
Battle Ability - 3
Mental - 4
Flexibility - 4
Mischieviousness - 5

Name: Charity Bell
Type: Equipment/Ball

Carol of the Bells

Ring-a-ling-a-ling! A bell chimed in the streets. The merry atmosphere of the city was a good thing to help calm the nerves. After all those months of chasing one, fruitless Innocence crusade after another, with the occasional akuma swarm...

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Finally! Episode 37!!!

D. Gray Man Episode 37 -

I found it just for you all~.