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EoSD Stage 2 Themes


Stage 2 theme "Lunate Elf" with Daiyousei as miniboss

Cirno boss theme "tomboyish girl in love"

Note:dai is and idiot he didn't even notice each vid he put up was from the same person XP also dai knows he is everywhere with these but dai posts them as he is having problems with >.> dai doesn't suck at it the game just is hard

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil Stage 3 Themes

Stage theme "Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea" with Meiling Hong as miniboss

Meiling Hong boss theme Shanghai Alice of Meiji 17

EoSD Stage 5 Theme: The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood

And one for Remi final stage with Sakuya as miniboss

EoSD Extra Stage Theme: The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls

One for Flan stage Patchouli as miniboss

EoSD Remilia's Theme: Septette for the Dead Princess

dai did one sister so why not the other
Rumila Scarlet's theme from Touhou Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil Final Sage Boss