wHAT a Day

Today when I came home from school, it was raining heavily. I ride a bicycle. I'm with some of my friends who ride a bike begins to move. Many people look at us and laughed when we just smile and say, 'You do not know how to enjoy the rain!' It would be nice to me out of the rain. We stop the bike in a shop nearby. We ordered fried rice and hot tea. Wow, how exciting it. Slurppp ....

Then we continue our journey home. Upon arrival at home I got down from the bike and ran out of the house and once again enjoy the rain. I cheered. Suddenly, I heard my father's voice calling .... I'm getting anxious that my father might be angry because I'm playing in the rain .. My father approached me and said 'Why do not you wash the car' .... I laugh, then nodded.

After completing the car wash, I go in and change clothes. I really enjoyed it. I hope there will be another day like this ... :)