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Mikleo and Edna figures announced, Colored Ludger Prototype

I'm trying a new thing--I'm gonna start covering figures from the Tales series from here on, so let's get to this (pictures taken from Dengeki, here and here)
At Wonder Festival 2015 Summer we got a look at more Tales figures to be released later.
First off, the Ludger figure by ALTAiR announced at Tales Festival now has a colored prototype:
External Image
Ludger is planned to release in 2016. Still no prototype of the Julius figure that was announced at the same time.

And as a continuation of the AlterxKotobukiya Tales of Zestiria collaboration that previously gave us Kotobukiya's Sorey figure and Alter's Alisha figure, a Mikleo figure by Kotobukiya has been announced, as well as an Edna figure by Alter. An uncolored prototype of Mikleo was shown, but nothing on Edna yet.
External Image

ToX2 Costume DLC 4 (NA)

And so another set of costume DLC for Tales of Xillia 2 is now up in North America. This time, it's the Tales series costumes for the characters new to this game.
Ludger-Ruca from Tales of Innocence (changes to Asras during his Chromatus)
Gaius-Dymlos from Tales of Destiny
Muzet-Sheena from Tales of Symphonia
August 19 update
August 26 update
September 2 update

ToX2 Costume DLC 3 (NA)

More Tales of Xillia 2 costume DLC is now up. This time it's the swimsuit costumes for Ludger, Gaius, and Muzet. As usual, they're $2.99 each.
August 19 update
August 26 update

ToX2 Costume DLC 2 (NA)

The second set of costume DLC for Tales of Xillia 2 has been released in North America. This time around, it's the school costumes for Ludger, Muzet, and Gaius.
As before, each costume is $2.99.
August 19 update
(And if someone in one of the PAL regions could help me, are any of the DLC costumes up there yet?)

ToX2 Release Day (PAL)

Tales of Xillia 2 should be released in most PAL regions by now, so go pick that up if you're able to do so.

External Image

If you preordered, you should get the Day One Edition, which includes:

External Image

  • Metalcase
  • CD with select tracks

And if you got the Collector's Edition, that comes with:

External Image

  • Ludger Figurine
  • Rollo Metalcase
  • Compact with pocket watch design
  • Art book
  • CD with select tracks

Here's a launch trailer posted by the European branch of Bandai Namco.

For more information/videos/screenshots, please see the North American release post.