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ToS OVA German Trailer

Amazon.de has a trailer up for the German dub of Tales of Symphonia The Animation. Go to the page for it there, check under the image and click the video to see it. It's mostly Colette speaking with Tenkuu no Canaria by Nana Mizuki playing over part of it, but it's something.

ToS OVA-German LE Art, Dub Preview

I missed a bit of this recently because I wasn't really keeping as close an eye as I should have (oops), but KSM uploaded the cover art of the limited edition of Tales of Symphonia: The Animation (the separate volumes should be using some of the character art from the Japanese volumes, though not all the characters since there are less discs, that is unless they changed their minds about that) as well as a short preview of the German dub using the scenes from episode 2 with Raine's Ruin Mode and the Ktugach fight, so basically nothing too spoilery in terms of story, but also means we don't get to hear certain characters who come along later just yet. EDIT: Video no longer available. They deleted everything when they updated their page.
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ToS OVA-Ibitsu Preview

So as mentioned before, the second Tales of Symphonia The Animation United World Episode ending theme is going to be released on 4/29 and Frontier Works uploaded a preview of the songs on the single. Ibitsu's preview starts at 1:30.
Even though the preview uses the same part of the song as the OVA, it sounds like a new recording, which isn't too surprising considering the original short version was done 3 years ago.
EDIT: *This video may be blocked in your country. This was a recent thing, so my apologies

The tracklist of Akatsuki is as follows:
1: Irodori
2: Ibitsu (Tales of Symphonia The Animation United World Episode Ending 2)
3: Akatsuki (Akatsuki no Yona Ending 2)
4: Akatsuki -instrumental-

German release of ToS OVA to have LE

The German release of Tales of Symphonia The Animation will have a limited edition Blu-Ray and DVD which can be preordered here and here.
There aren't really any details yet outside of the price (99,99 Euro) and the date is most likely a placeholder.

ToS OVA to be relased in Germany

According to a news post KSM made on Facebook, they'll be distributing the Tales of Symphonia OVA next year on DVD and Blu-Ray. And yes, they do mean all 11 episodes.
(Sorry to any English speakers who got their hopes up when they saw the title in the backroom.)