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TalesFes 2014 Dates Announced

The official site for the Tales of Festival has updated to say that the upcoming event in 2014 will take place on May 31 and June 1.
Short post yeah...

7th Character Ranking Voting Begins

The voting process for the 7th character popularity poll has begun. You're allowed to vote once a day...and I'm pretty sure you have to have an account. Probably to limit the amount of spam voting that happened in previous years.
Just as a note, both Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny and Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia are retired from the rankings as of this year, so no voting for them.
The characters are listed under the game's logos, so click one of those to get to a list of characters. They're in Japanese so if you need help with which one to vote for, just ask. After voting, you get a choice of two wallpapers: One with Yuri, Leon, and Asbel, and another with Milla, Amber/Kohak, and Cheria.

There aren't a bunch of categories like the last few years and it looks like escort titles aren't available for voting (except Dawn, I think).

ToZ PV1 (HQ)

Namco Bandai has added the Tales of Zestiria trailer from the reveal on the game's official site, so it's finally in higher quality.
The list at the end confirms that series composer Motoi Sakuraba as well as Tales of Legendia composer Go Shiina, will both do music for this.

ToZ Scan-More on the protags

Oooh, I missed this so much.
A magazine article on Tales of Zestiria gave some small bits of info on our two heroes (which I will still end up paraphrasing despite already being short).
External Image

Slay/Slei/Thray/Whatever (there's no spelling yet, give me a break)
Character Designer: Kosuke Fujishima
Voice: Ryohei Kimura
An overly sweet and kindhearted boy who has an interest in the world's ruins.

Alisha/Alicia/Whatever (again, no official spelling)
Character Designer: Daigo Okumura
Voice: Ai Kayano
A formal, masculine speaking princess who acts as a knight. She sets out when disasters and disturbances occur.

...Actually, I don't think I paraphrased hers much at all and only left a few words out of his. Errr oops?

ToZ Coming to West

External Image
It was revealed just hours after being announced for Japan that Tales of Zestiria will be released in the West.
For more, see the last post.

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