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ToW-RU Scans-A few more characters

The Famitsu article for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia has appeared (scan thanks to @Kurushii). Most of this is a retread from previous info, but it does confirm Rid Hershel (Tales of Eternia, CV: Akira Ishida) and Judith (Tales of Vesperia, CV: Aya Hisakawa) to be in the game.
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Even More ToX2 Screenshots

I somehow missed this, but recently Bandai Namco released more screenshots of Tales of Xillia 2.

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Screen 37
Screen 38
Screen 39
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Screen 41
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Screen 43
Screen 44
Screen 45
Screen 46
Screen 47
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Screen 49
Screen 50
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Screen 52
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ToH-R English Gameplay Videos

A few more videos showing off Tales of Hearts R have surfaced.
These confirm more names so the list so far is:

ToW-RU Site-Yuri, Jade Videos

The Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site updated Yuri and Jade's profile pages with videos showing off affection based conversations involving them.

ToZ Scan-More on Zabida, Kamui

Meant to post these yesterday oops
Some new scans show off a little bit more on Zabida (thanks for these @ExeForce87).
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It says in the interview that Zabida's gun-like weapon is called "Siegfried" and pointing it at his head can unleash powers or something (Baba says it was supposed to resemble Russian Roulette, but we all know you just thought of Persona 3, admit it).
Said interview also mentions that Slay will be able to fuse with Edna and Mikulio. Humans with a lack of spiritual power can form a contract with the Priest/Sage to be able to see Divine and Hyouma. It also makes it possible to use magic. Alicia will enter such a contract with Slay during the story.
The ingame anime scenes are pretty much done, though they only showed a little bit at Tales Festival last month. They also say they're not quite ready to announce a release date yet.