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A new commercial for Tales of Berseria focusing on Velvet has been put up. It doesn't appear to be part of the six part commercial series as it's labeled differently and longer than the others, but we'll see how that goes on Sunday.


The sixth Tales of Berseria commercial, the fifth in a six commercial series focusing on the characters, has been released this time focusing on Eizen.

ToB Free Demo Coming

Announced on the official Japanese Tales twitter account, on August 4 a free demo will be added to the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 (note that it's only for PS4 and not PS3, despite the game releasing on both in Japan). It will be the same one from recent events with a Scenario Mode taking place at Maclir Beach, and Battle Mode in Baird Marshlands (names are guesses, not official spellings).

ToB DLC Costume Video 2

The video showcasing Catalog #2 of Tales of Berseria's costumes to be released next month has been uploaded:

It showcases:
Geoboard Set (Rappig, Broom, Repede Board)
Very short hair set
Short bob hair set
Maid/Butler costumes
Fairy tale costumes
[email protected] Cinderella Girls costumes (change battle BGM, not heard in video)
School costumes (include 3 color variations and changes battle BGM, is heard in video)

ToZX Dub Cast Announced

Funimation has announced the English dub cast of Tales of Zestiria the X:

Sorey: Robbie Daymond
Mikleo: Philip Lamont
Alisha: Alexis Tipton
Rose: Caitlin Glass
Zaveid: Ian Sinclair
Dezel: Chris Niosi
Symonne: Christine Marie Cabanos
Bartlow: T. Axelrod
Lailah: Carrie Keranen
Edna: Kira Buckland
Lunarre: Austin Tindle

I can't really speak for side characters like Bartlow or Lunarre, but the playable party has mostly the same voices except for Mikleo who was voiced by Michael Johnston in the game.