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ToS Steam Release Date

The release date for the Steam version of Tales of Symphonia has been announced as being February 2. Remember that if you preordered the Steam version of Zestiria, you'll have this for free.

ToB Localization Announced, PS4/PC

Today Bandai Namco announced a localization of Tales of Berseria, stating that the game will be on PlayStation 4 and Steam in the west. They also put up a subtitled trailer.

ToZ DLC Costumes 5

The God Eater 2 costumes for Sorey and Rose as well as the Aragami Hunt are now available on North America's PS Stores for free (I can't find them listed in the EU/AUS/Steam ones, but hopefully they'll be put up) for free on the PlayStation store for the localized releases.

Edit: Originally posted on 12/18/2015, updated to include the EU/AUS stores since they're up there now

ToB Scan-Recent Info

There's a new magazine article for Tales of Berseria covering the recent information given on the series' anniversary.

First off, Velvet has a last name. There's no official spelling yet, but it's written as "Kurau" in katakana.
Outside of his official art being shown here, Lypheset's race (spelling still not official) is listed as being a "holy/sacred servant." The Japanese term here is read "seirei" which is pronounced the same as the Spirits of the series, but the kanji is different.
The section on the battle system basically covers what we already know from the other announcement or could guess: Velvet is a frontline fighter, while Lypheset uses healing/offensive artes.
It's somewhat hard to read the text outside of that. I can tell one segment is talking about the compass he carries though.

ToB PV 2, New Character, Some Battle System Info

Lastly, a new Tales of Berseria trailer has been put up with a bit of info, including a release window of sometime in 2016.

The character you see below is a boy named something like Lypheset (guessing that one), designed by Minoru Iwamoto (art director for several games in the series, designer of Edna and Zaveid) and voiced by Azumi Asakura.

As for the battle system, we know three things so far: Controlling characters with free run as a base, able to control camera freely, can map artes to all four face buttons (X, O, Square, Triangle).