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Bandai Namco Concert in EU to include Tales music

Bandai Namco will be holding a concert in Europe titled Orchestral Memories including music from franchises such as Dark Souls, Tales of, Tekken, Soulcalibur, God Eater, Ace Combat, etc, with the first show being held in Paris on February 4, 2017. Tickets will be available for presale here starting July 2 at noon CEST.
Composer Go Shiina will be there for signing sessions. Will watch out for more information.

ToB DLC Costume Video

Bandai Namco has uploaded a new video showcasing the costume DLC in Tales of Berseria to be in Catalog No.1 (the costumes that were recently announced in other words).

ToZX/ToB Opening Theme Info

Following the information released yesterday about Tales of Zestiria the X's ending theme, we now have more information about when its opening and Tales of Berseria's opening theme are going to be released.

FLOW's "Kaze no Uta/BURN" will be released on August 24 and will be available in three editions:

Regular Edition (1000 yen, CD only)
1. Kaze no Uta
3. Kaze no Uta -Instrumental-
4. BURN -Instrumental-

Limited Edition (1500 yen, CD+DVD)
1. Kaze no Uta
3. Kaze no Uta -Instrumental-
4. BURN -Instrumental-

Kaze no Uta Music Video
BURN Music Video
Making of Kaze no Uta/BURN Music Videos

Anime Edition (1500 yen, CD+DVD)
1. Kaze no Uta
3. Kaze no Uta -TV Size-
4. BURN -Game Size-
5. Kaze no Uta -TV Size Instrumental-
6. BURN -Game Size Instrumental-

Kaze no Uta Music Video (Tales of Zestiria the X Version)
BURN Music Video (Tales of Berseria Version)

ToZX Ending Theme Info

Now that the first four episodes of Tales of Zestiria the X have been screened in select theaters in Japan and the first episode airing in just over a week, more information about fhána's ending theme has been announced.
The song is titled "calling" and the CD will release on August 3 with two editions: the Artist Edition and the Anime Edition and will cost 1,200 yen for either.
Both will include the song calling, as well as another song and karaoke tracks for each (the other song will be different depending on edition). The Anime Edition will have an illustrated cover.

Update 7/11/2016:
Tracklist revealed. Editing this post since it contains the other release info.

Artist version:
1. calling
2. Relief (Japanese ver)
3. calling -instrumental-
4. Relief (Japanese ver) -instrumental-

Anime version:
1. calling
2. Anemone no Hana
3. calling -instrumental
4. Anemone no Hana -instrumental-

ToB Blog-English Info for Shigure, Melchior, MAs, and More

The English Tales blog made a couple updates today. This first one is on the recent characters and Mystic Artes and additional features. As usual, text is copy/pasted, there are screenshots in the link.

Shigure Rangetsu
Gender: Male
Age: 31 year old
Height: 185 cm
Weapon: Long Blade
Fighting style: Legate
Tribe: Human
Japanese voice actor: Kazuya Nakai
Shigure is a Legate from The Abbey, an organization of exorcists. He is Rokurou’s brother and is the head of the Rangetsu family. They employ a unique fighting style in order to be the strongest warriors.
Even if he is a Legate, he has a freewheeling attitude unappreciated by serious-minded exorcists. However, he justifies his carefree behaviour with his prowess in battle.
His sole source of joy is to fight tough opponents and can’t help but laugh when his opponent is stronger than him. Thus, he will never turn down a new challenge if the opportunity presents itself.

Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 165 cm
Weapon: Orb
Fighting style: Legate
Tribe: Human
Japanese voice actor: Nobuo Tobita
A Legate elder versed in the ancient legends and a master in alchemy from The Abbey. His years of experience places him as an advisor for Artorius, the head of the exorcists.
He recognises the importance of the exorcists’ missions and that they cannot always be accomplished through good deeds. He is willing to take on the unpleasant tasks.
Even though his main role is to support the organisation with strategy and resources, he is a powerful arte-wielder.

You may remember the Aifread Pirates in search for their Captain from a previous article. Benwick is a young pirate part of this crew and will allow you to board a ship when you speak with him in the game.

Rokurou's Mystic Arte is From Zero: Void, Magilou's is Ascending Angel, and Eizen's is Perfect Mayhem. They still haven't given the name for the previously announced ones because...they never gave the elaborated version of that information like they said.

Discover new recipes from around the world--when you have your recipe, you can cook to restore HP and get additional effects from the food, as well as from the cooking skill.

Each character will have their own cooking skills which can be acquired by increasing their cooking level.

Jump, Bienfu!--Bienfu is not afraid of water. In this mini-game, make him jump from a pier into the sea, and see how far you can go! You will be able to help him go farther by directing him. And of course, your goal will be to beat your own score.

Chamballoon 2--Pick your character and destroy balloons until there’s no more of them. Your time will be recorded, so be quick.

Play with character cards--Collect cards featuring characters from the Tales Series to create high scoring hands. What’s the best score you can get?

You will be able to customise each character with outfits and accessories and in various poses. Accessories will carry over in the event scenes which can lead to some very funny conversations.

Exploration of the Outer Seas

You can explore undiscovered areas by sending out a scouting vessel. The scouting vessel will come back after a set amount of time and you can collect materials, treasures and recipes as a reward. You can send your vessel to new zones by discovering new areas.

Katz Box

All over the world, you will find special (and very cute looking) chests called Katz Box. They can be opened with “Katz Spirits” which can be found during your adventure and exploration. When you open one, Katz will come out and give you an item, such as an accessory.

The Rare Board

This is a board with a mysterious power, allowing you to move much more quickly when you use it. Some locations can only be crossed by using the Rare Board, you won’t be able to go by foot.