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Another New ToZ CM

We're less than two weeks away from Tales of Zestiria's release in Japan so they seem to be doubling down on commercials now. This one focuses a bit on Sorey and Rose's Armatization.

ToZ New CM

A new commercial for Tales of Zestiria (the game, not the TV special that just came on a few hours ago) has aired in Japan.

ToZ Anime Special CM

Since it airs on a few channels in Japan in just a few days, a commercial for Tales of Zestiria ~Doushi no Yoake~ has aired.

More channels to air ToZ anime special

Also announced recently was that more channels in Japan will be airing the anime special Tales of Zestiria ~Doushi no Yoake~. Previously, only Tokyo MX and BS11 were confirmed to air it so here's the new list:

December 30, 2014 21:00
Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto

December 31, 2014 21:00

January 2, 2015 21:00
Will be put up online on Bandai Channel

January 4, 2015 24:55 (12:55 AM)
Kochi Sun Sun TV

January 5, 2015 26:10 (2:10 AM)
Okayama Housou

January 6, 2015 25:35 (1:35 AM)
TV Ehime

(The air time for this is listed as an hour, by the way)

As a reminder, the Japanese version of the game will include the anime special on the disc. No details on whether the west will get it or not yet.

ToZ Videos From 7th Monthly Stream

More Tales of Zestiria videos from the 7th monthly stream. Videos here showcase:
Rose's guild, Sekirei no Hane
Rose and her Armatization
Edna's umbrella (yes, I'm serious)
Field converstaions
Blue Exorcist costumes
Basara attachments

The next (and final!) stream is on January 20, just two days before the game releases.