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ToZ Scan-More Characters

An article on Tales of Zestiria reveals a few more characters.
External Image
The first is Jiiji (CV: Ichirou Nagai), the elder in Izuchi, village of Seraphim (known as Elysia in the English version--the village, I mean). The other is Maven (CV: Tomomichi Nishimura), a veteran explorer.
As usual, the spellings are guesses, so they're probably wrong.

ToZ Videos from 5th Monthly Stream (Part 2)

And as a follow up to that last post, here are a few more videos from the latest Tales of Zestiria stream, featuring dungeons, attachments, and finding Normin.

The next stream will be on November 26 (probably gave us two this month to make up for not having one last month)

ToZ Videos from 5th Monthly Stream (Part 1)

The fifth monthly stream on Nico Live showed some new videos. This post will have the character videos for Lunarre, Symonne, and Sergei. Will replace with official uploads later.

ToH-R Launch Trailer

It would seem Bandai Namco managed to get a launch trailer for Tales of Hearts R up without me noticing. So...uh...here it is.

ToH-R Costume DLC 1 (NA+PAL)

With the release of Tales of Hearts R, the first DLC set has been released. This time around are swimsuits which go for $2.49 each or can be bought in a bundle for $15.99.
Edit: Other prices are up now: £7.99/€9.99/$14.95 for the bundle or £1.69/€1.99/$2.95 for each individual costume.