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Videos from final ToZ Monthly Stream

There were a few videos shown during the final Tales of Zestiria monthly stream.
Seraphim you'll meet in places
Tales costume DLC
Swimsuit costume DLC
Past Tales save data bonuses
Mystic Artes

Also, there will be free downloadable skits, much like there were in Tales of Graces.

TalesFes 2015 Date

It was just announced during the Tales of Zestiria stream that Tales of Festival 2015 will be held on June 6 and June 7 this year.

Full ver. of a ToS OVA ED to be released

Akiko Shikata's upcoming single for Akatsuki no Yona's new ending theme will include a full version of Ibitsu, the second ending theme for Tales of Symphonia The Animation: United World Episode. With this, all the songs for the ToS OVA will now have full versions. The single will be released on April 29 and cost 1,200 yen.

Another New ToZ CM Part 2

Another Tales of Zestiria commercial has aired. This is the second in a three week series, so there's another coming a couple days after the game releases too.

ToZ Scan-Another Character

Okay, so a new article shows off someone we've seen in that last trailer...except...there's still not really any info on him other than being voiced by Takayuki Sugou. Not even his name.