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The TalesFes 2015 Post

Starting this a day early. Will update as news comes during the actual festival.
Festival is over now. Bumping to top.

  • Ludger figure prototype displayed. Julius also planned. Both by Alter.
    External Image

  • Tales of Berseria announced for PS3/PS4
  • Rina Satou (Velvet of ToB's voice) showed up as a surprise guest
  • A Tales of Museum to celebrate the 20th anniversary will be opened in the 2nd floor of Akihabara UDX from August 7-23, 2015. Will include attractions such as series art and history. (Official site)
  • TV anime by ufotable announced for 2016
  • Tales of Asteria to have God Eater collab
  • Hello Kitty collab art was shown.

Day 1:

Day 2:

TV Anime Announced For 20th Anniversary

An anime to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series was announced at Tales Festival today. It will air in 2016 and be animated by ufotable.
Not 100% sure about the details, but apparently it's gonna be related to Zestiria?

There's a teaser video. Also a character in there I don't recognize...perhaps new?

Official site here

Tales of Berseria Announced

Announced at today's Tales Festival. Details still coming.
External Image

  • Releasing for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4
  • Protagonist is a female named Velvet, voiced by Rina Satou, designed by Mutsumi Inomata

  • Kosuke Fujishima's name is attached to the copyright info, so expect him to do some characters too
  • Imagery shown included ships (the seafaring kind)
  • ufotable (Symphonia OVA, Xillia, Xillia 2, Zestiria) to do anime cutscenes
  • Official site will be located here

Some New Trademarks Filed

Oh look, it's that time again. Bandai Namco Entertainment has filed a few new trademarks, this time for Orfellia, Berseria, and Alestia.
External Image
External Image
External Image
We don't know yet if this is for a new mothership or a new escort/mobile title, but if it's for a main game, then Alestia is out since Abyss already took the letter A. Of course, they could always file more again and none of these could make it, like they did with Graces and Zestiria.
Tales Festival is next month. Perhaps we'll find out what these are all about then?

ToZ English Screenshots

Along with that new trailer, Bandai Namco has also put up a few English screenshots of Tales of Zestiria.
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External Image
External Image
External Image
External Image
External Image