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The third in a series of Tales of Berseria character commercials aired yesterday and this time the focus is on Magilou.

ToB Scan-Waiter Minigame Returns

There's a new magazine article covering the recent character reveals from Tales of Festival (Artorius and Seres), but it also reveals the return of the Waiter/Waitress minigame.

For those who haven't played a Tales title featuring this minigame, basically customers come in and request dishes that you have to remember and take orders for. It can get...a bit ridiculous in some cases (look up Raven's version from Vesperia).

ToZX Dub Date

Funimation's broadcast dub of Tales of Zestiria the X now has a streaming date of August 3 (US/Canada)/August 4 (UK/Ireland).
Still don't know if the game actors are back or if they'll stick to the game's terminology (unlike their subtitles) so I'll look out for that information.


The third commercial for Tales of Berseria and the second in a series of six was aired yesterday, with the focus this time being on Rokurou.

The TalesFes 2016 Post

This is the usual post outlining any news from Tales of Festival. Note that this took place a month before a major release and while an anime is currently airing, so there doesn't seem to be much going on, but there will still be separate posts for certain things.

  • Tales of Berseria's 5th trailer was shown. The man from the Tales of Zestiria the X teaser at last year's festival was confirmed to be Artorius, red haired woman is named Seres
  • FLOW's Kaze no Uta/BURN single's anime version art was revealed, image links to larger version

  • fhana's calling single's anime version art was also revealed
    External Image

  • The boxart for the Tales of Zestiria the X blu-ray box set was revealed
    External Image

  • Rina Satou, voice of Velvet from Tales of Berseria, appeared as a surprise guest again
  • Tales of Berseria's soundtrack will release on September 28
  • There will be another screening of Zestiria the X on August 5 in Japan, with Rina Satou (Velvet) as a guest, along with ufotable producer Hikaru Kondou and anime director Haruo Sotozaki
  • Tales of the Rays OP animation to be done by WIT Studio
  • There will be a Tales of Berseria x Hello Kitty collaboration


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