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The second Tales of the World: Reve Unitia trailer is also up now (honestly not really sure why they didn't show this at the stage event instead of the actual opening but whatever).

They also put up two commercials, a Tern version and Nacht version...however, I'm not 100% sure if they're different from the ones put up before or the same with updated info cards so I'll just link them (plus the number of videos on the page is already killing this computer).

ToZ Preorder Bonus Videos

Also posted on Tales of Zestiria's official site were videos of the preorder bonuses. As a reminder, Alisha gets Leia's Soulstoke Celebration, Mikleo gets Loni's Final Prayer, and Lailah gets Kongwai's Silent End. You'll also get one of four rubber straps designed like pixel art versions of the characters.



Pixel Art Animation

ToZ PV 4 (System Ver.)

The recent system trailer for Tales of Zestiria shown off at Tokyo Game Show was finally uploaded by Bandai Namco. (Actually prepare yourself because there's quite a few videos coming for both Zestiria and Reve Unitia)

ToZ TGS Info Post

Trying to round up the Tales of Zestiria info from Tokyo Game Show. Some of this will end up getting separate posts so look forward to that.

  • System trailer shown
  • Anime special announced to air on Tokyo MX December 30 at 21:00, and on BS11 December 31 at 21:00. Trailer was shown. Will be included with the game (in Japan. Unknown if West is getting it).
  • Evangelion costumes for Sorey (Shinji), Alisha (Mari), Lailah (Misato), Edna (Rei), and Rose (Asuka) were announced. Even though we've seen two costumes now, Rose is still unconfirmed to be playable.
  • Sorey's 7-Eleven colored costume was shown

And unrelated to Zestiria, Tales of the World: Reve Unitia's opening was shown.

ToW-RU Site-Cless & Rubia Vids, More Characters, Giganto Monsters and More

Okay, so the Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site made a few updates. The recently announced characters of Loni, Caius, Spada, and Estelle's pages were added. Also, on Cless and Rubia's pages, their videos were added (see below).

Under the System section, pages for Giganto Monsters (looks like the Japanese side uses "Gigant" for the spelling, though the English side recently used "Elite Monster" for the same term instead so I'm unsure what my point even is), the arena, and character skills/stats.