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ToRays Released in Japan, ToAsteria Next Part Announced

Again a bit late with this news, so apologies for that.
Tales of the Rays was released earlier in Japan on itunes and Google Play.
In other mobile Tales news, the teaser site for the next Tales of Asteria part, "Tsuioku no Eden" (translates to something like "Eden of Recollection/Reminiscence") was put up. The only character listed on it so far is Velvet Crowe from Tales of Berseria. Others will be announced later.
Edit: Raven from Vesperia also added

ToB Costume DLC 5

Sorry this is so late.
The final set of costume DLC for Tales of Berseria is available. This time it's the Tales legacy costumes and cost $6.99/Can$9.49/£5.79/€6.99/$10.45 AUS/R$21.50/RUB 499
The free Magilou and Eleanor themes were also added to the PlayStation Store.

ToRays OP

Bandai Namco uploaded the opening animation for Tales of the Rays to YouTube (they don't normally upload Tales openings, not sure if this is special or a new trend). The third preregistration bonus was also revealed to be Yuri's True Knight costume during a stream earlier.

ToB Costume DLC 4

This week for Tales of Berseria costume DLC, both the Pirate and Maid/Butler sets are up. Both are $6.99/£5.79/€6.99/Can$9.49/$10.45 AUS/R$21.50/RUB 499.
As usual, will add other prices once available in those countries.
There is also a free Eizen theme available on the PS Store.

ToZX Season 2 OP Info

The full information and jacket art of Tales of Zestiria the X's second season's opening theme, "illuminate" by Minami, has finally been released.

The single releases on February 22. There seem to be two editions: A limited edition with CD+DVD costing 1,800 yen and the standard edition with just the CD costing 1,200 yen (the latter pictured above).
The track list is as follows:
1. illuminate
2. Sonna Kanji♪
3. illuminate (instrumental)
4. Sonna Kanji♪ (instrumental)

The DVD in the limited edition contains a music video.
The short version of the illuminate music video was also uploaded to YouTube by Lantis.