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ToZX Air Date

The official site of Tales of Zestiria the X updated with air dates as well as news on an advanced screening. TOKYO MX will air it on July 3 with other channels airing it a few days later.
Air times given on the site are:

TOKYO MX: Every Sunday starting July 3, 11 PM

Sun TV: Every Wednesday starting July 6, 12:30 AM*

KBS Kyoto: Every Wednesday starting July 6, 12:00 AM*

TV Aichi: Every Wednesday July 6, 2:05 AM*

BS11: Every Wednesday starting July 6, 12:30 AM*

Okayama Broadcasting: Every Monday starting July 11, 2:05 AM**

Kochi Sun Sun TV: Every Thursday starting July 14, 1:55 AM**

Ehime Broadcasting: Every Friday starting July 15, 2:00 AM**

*On the official site, you might notice it says every Tuesday starting July 5 with times such as 24~, 26~. This is due to how TV scheduling works in Japan, with times after midnight counting for the previous day up until 5 AM. I just adjusted them for English speakers.

**Same as above, just different dates

There will also be an advanced screening of the first four episodes in Japan. Details below:

June 25, 12:30-3:00 PM

Episodes 1-4, staff & cast talk, ending theme performance

Ryota Osaka (Mikleo), Ai Kayano (Alisha), Noriko Shitaya (Lailah)
fhána (Ending theme artist)
Haruo Sotozaki (Director), Hikaru Kondo (Producer)

Main venue:
Cinema Mediage

Live viewings:
Aeon Cinema Ebetsu
TOHO Cinemas Namba
TOHO Cinemas Nagoya Baycity
TOHO Cinemas Tenjin
T Joy Riverwalk Kitakyushu

Tickets for the main venue are 4,000 yen while tickets for the live viewings are 3,500.

EDIT 6/16/2016: More channels added


The first commercial for Tales of Berseria was uploaded by Bandai Namco. It's referred to as "Teaser Version" so one can assume there will be more as we get closer to release.

Yes, I'll eventually get around to posting about Oscar/Teresa/Mystic Artes. I'm just waiting for the English blog to do its follow up posts on them so I don't have to waste my energy translating when it's gonna get translated anyway.

ToZX to air in July, ED artist announced

The Tales of Zestiria the X site updated with a bit of information, though the English site doesn't have all of it, so I'm gonna link the Japanese site for the major news part of this.

The anime is going to air in July and the ending theme will be by fhána.

The character pages also updated with bios for each character. They all use their ingame status screen images except for Zaveid (for spoilerish reasons).

ToB Scan-New Characters

A new Tales of Berseria article shows new characters...sort of.

The two people we've seen in trailers officially have names and descriptions now.
The male knight is named Oscar Dragonia, voiced by Tomoaki Maeno. A Praetor (a rank of Exorcist at Abbey) of noble blood with a strong sense of duty to bring down deamons.
Then there's Theresa/Teresa Linares, voiced by Yui Horie. She's Oscar's half sister and also a Praetor of Abbey.
On a side note, she refers to Laphicet as Number 2.

You can also catch a glimpse of Velvet's Mystic Arte, which seems to be named "Lethal Pain." It mentions that to activate one, you hold L2 during a combo.

Lailah's New Voice Previewed in Ropeway Announcements

Machi Asobi is currently ongoing and while the new trailer for Tales of Zestiria the X shown there hasn't hit the internet yet, you can preview a bit of Lailah's new voice in the ropeway announcements there.