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ToB JP Release Date+PV3 Long Ver.

Couldn't get into the site for almost an hour, I planned to sleep after putting this up :/
The long version of the third Tales of Berseria trailer has been uploaded, with release date and other information at the end.

So the game releases in Japan on August 18, 2016 and will cost 8,200 yen. CERO rating is B, which is the standard for the series. PlayStation 4 boxart is below. The PS3 boxart is the same.

Preorder/First print bonuses include a special skit, "Special Dramatic Chat Melon Gummy Edition" and a code for a PS3 or PS4 theme illustrated by ufotable for the Digital Version (images for both at link).
There seems to be another campaign for if you order by July 11. The only bonus listed so far is a code for a special voice cast talk with the other two being revealed May and June.

There will be two limited editions, the Famitsu DX Pack and one from LaLaBit Market.
The Famitsu DX Pack will include the game (PS3 or PS4), a Bienfu plush, two posters, six keychains, and a set of six clear files. It will cost 11,852 yen.
The LaLaBit Market edition will include the game (PS3 or PS4), Chibi KyunChara figures of Velvet and Laphicet, short novel "Majogatari ~Ma ga Ochiru Sekai~"/Script/Storyboard collection, and a special box. It will cost 12,500 yen.
(Images at the link)

The site also has a new memo page that'll update periodically. The first entry is on Velvet and includes some art and screenshots of the outfit she wore three years prior to the game.

ToB Scan-New Character, Eleanor Confirmed Party Member

A new scan for Tales of Berseria reveals a new character along with some small info about Eleanor.

It reveals that Eleanor's last name is something like Hume (or maybe something like Hymn?) and that she'll be a party member, despite being part of Abbey.

It also reveals a "new" character named Eizen *coughs* voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa (Dhaos after Shiozawa passed, Yuan in Symphonia) and designed by Minoru Iwamoto. It says he's the vice commander of the Aifread Pirates and referred to as a "Shinigami" (God of Death/Grim Reaper, could be localized differently). As Abbey is their common enemy, he helps Velvet on her journey.

Since the magazine releases this week, no release date leak. We'll still have to wait until next week for that.

ToB release date to be revealed next week

Famitsu posted an article stating that a longer version of the third trailer along with the release date will be put up on Tales of Berseria's official site next week on April 13. (Of course, this means the Japanese version of the game. We don't know when the western release date is going to be revealed just yet)

ToRays Theme Song Full Ver.

The short full version of the Tales of the Rays theme song, "NEW WALL" by Alexandros, was uploaded to YouTube.

Edit (5/2/2016): Didn't notice the short version was made private and the full version was uploaded last month. Changed the post so that it has the full version instead.

ToLink Now Available in English

The Google Play and itunes stores have the English version of Tales of Link listed now. If it's not available yet for any reason, just wait for it because the release date it supposed to be today. (Apparently it was already available in some other English speaking countries? I don't know why Bandai Namco hasn't said anything about this but eh...just check your region's stores to see if it's there)
EDIT: Okay, so it's available in a lot of countries now. Like I said, check your region's store to see if it's there. There's also an English trailer on the Japanese Bandai Namco YouTube channel.