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TalesFes 2016 Blu-Ray Release Info

The release information for the Tales of Festival 2016 Blu-Ray has finally been posted on the official site.
It will be released on January 27, 2017 and come in either regular releases that only cover one day per disc and cost 6,000 yen each (two pictured on right) or a special edition with both days and a booklet that costs 12,000 (pictured left).

ToB English Gameplay

Some gameplay videos of Tales of Berseria have been put up by IGN and Polygon featuring English text and voices. It's not easy to hear all the characters clearly, but it gives an idea what they sound like until an English trailer is released (the one uploaded by Bandai Namco today is a subtitled version of the fifth trailer).

Another Tales of Orchestra Concert to be Held

It's been announced that on November 30, there will be another Tales of Orchestra Concert held at the Tokyo International Forum and performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.
Official site is here

ToB DLC Costume Video 3

Another video detailing Catalog 3 of Tales of Berseria's DLC has been released.
As usual, the Tales character costumes change battle BGM.

ToB Scan-More DLC Costumes Announced

A new magazine scan reveals some new DLC costumes to be released on September 1:

The usual set of costumes of previous Tales characters has been announced to be 300 yen each. The list is--
Velvet: Rutee (Tales of Destiny)
Laphicet: Richard (Tales of Graces)
Rokurou: Ludger (Tales of Xillia 2)
Eleanor: Natalia (Tales of the Abyss)
Magilou: Arche (Tales of Phantasia)
Eizen: Hubert (Tales of Graces)

There is also a Mieu costume/head. The head and Sorcerer's Ring seem to be attachments separate from the costume itself. The body suit is for Laphicet only.

(The Normin costume pictured above that is obtained ingame.)

Lastly there's a set of magicians' costumes for the girls in the party. These will also be 300 yen each.