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The fifth commercial for Tales of Berseria which is the fourth in a series of six aired yesterday, this time with focus on Eleanor.

Velvet Figure Prototype Shown

The unpainted prototype for Kotobukiya's upcoming Velvet figure was shown at Wonder Festival 2016 Summer. The figure is expected to be released in 2017. (Image from the official Tales Twitter account)

ToB-English Artorius, Seres, Minigame/Feature Info

The English blog also updated with information on Artorius, Seres, and some more of the minigames and features. As usual, important stuff will be copy/pasted, screenshots are at the link.

Gender: Male
Age: 32 year old
Height: 187 cm
Weapon: Long sword
Title: Head of Exorcists
Race: Human
Japanese voice actor: Kenyu Horiuchi

Artorius is the most powerful exorcist and the head of their organization. Three years ago, he appeared with a group of Malaks and defeated a group of Daemons that the army couldn’t deal with.

He became the saviour, bringing world peace without causing a disaster. He was not only supported by the people, but also by the kings and churches.

For him, Reason and Will are more important than Emotions when fighting. He used to be close to Velvet, however they broke ties since the events 3 years ago.

Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 170 cm
Weapon: Charms
Fighting style: Malak Mage
Race: Malak
Japanese voice actor: Satomi Arai

Seres is a Malak, and former partner of Artorius Collbrande. She used to follow Artorius’ orders at all times up until the events 3 years ago where she regained her own free will.

Since then, she has felt uncomfortable and became suspicious of Artorius’ actions thus move away from him. She later sneaks into the prison island to help Velvet escape.

Potentites are items which will grant you additional effects and abilities during battles

Code Red Daemon Hunting
You can fight powerful Daemons call Code Red scattered around the world to earn powerful items such as Potentites as rewards. You can meet Code Red Daemons even without talking to the quest giver and you will still get your reward after reporting your victory

Wandering Enemies
If you meet the conditions during a battle, a specific Daemon will appear. They are more dangerous than Code Red Daemons and are accompanied by multiple enemies

Serving game
Place the dish correctly based on your customer’s orders

Geoboard races
In this minigame, you can race against time to get a high score on the Geoboard. Two modes are available:

In “Coin Getter” you will need to gather as many coins as possible before the timer ends. In “Flag Checker”, you will be need to collect all flags as fast as possible.

(Do not ask me why they're using "Geoboard" now after they used Rare Board last time)

ToB More DLC Costumes

More DLC costumes for Tales of Berseria were recently announced. These sets will be available starting August 25.

The school costume set will include three color variations much like the summer costume set and cost 400 yen each.
External Image
Costumes based on [email protected] Cinderella Girls will be available for Velvet, Magilou, and Eleanor and cost 300 yen each.
External Image
The maid/butler set will be 300 yen each
External Image
And the fairy tale set available only for Velvet and Laphicet and seemingly based on Alice and the White Rabbit will cost 300 yen each.

More screenshots are at Famitsu.

ToB Preorder Skit Preview

(This and the next post are a few days old. I apologize for the lateness, but I couldn't get to a computer to make the posts.)

Bandai Namco recently uploaded a preview video of the skit to be given with as one of the preorder bonuses for Tales of Berseria.