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Tales of the Rays announced, ToZ anime named

Tales of the Rays, a new mobile title was announced. The character designs are by Hidenori Matsubara (new to the series). The main character is a boy named something like Iks Neve (CV: Natsuki Hanae, 17 years old, 178 cm, 68 kg).

The Tales of Zestiria anime airing next year has been given a final name of Tales of Zestiria the X (X pronounced as Cross here).

Lastly, another part of Tales of Asteria has been announced titled Tales of Asteria: Kesshou no Daichi to Michibiki no Hikari (something like "The Crystallized Land and the Guiding Light"). Sorey and Mikleo have been confirmed characters.

TalesFes 2016 Dated

Lots of news coming.
Tales of Festival next year is dated for July 9-10, 2016.

Two New Trademarks

Bandai Namco filed two new trademarks for Tales of the Rays and Tales of Zestiria the X in Europe. Whatever those are. Perhaps it'll be something we'll find out during the stream later.
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Happy 20th Anniversary Tales

It's now officially after midnight in Japan, so it's been 20 years since December 15, 1995, the day Tales of Phantasia originally released for the Super Famicom.
Here's to another 20. As a reminder, the 20th anniversary party stream is in another 22 hours. :D

Tales of Orchestra Concert CD to be released

The Tales of Orchestra Concert event that happened yesterday will be on a CD according to an Amazon listing. The release date is listed as being March 9 and the price as ¥3,240. The setlist is up on Famitsu, and is below:

  • 1-Sorey's Theme ~Shepherd~ (Tales of Zestiria, OST Ver)
  • 2-Yume wa Owaranai ~Koboreochiru Toki no Shizuku~ (Tales of Phantasia, OST Ver)
  • 3-Tales of Boss Battle Medley
    -Decisive (Tales of Phantasia; OST Ver)
    -Lion-Irony of Fate (Tales of Destiny; OST Ver)
    -COUP DE GRBCE (Tales of Destiny 2; OST Ver)
    -Scutum-Decisive Battle (Tales of Rebirth; OST Ver)
    -For the sake of mutual proof (Tales of Xillia 2; OST Ver)

  • 4-Tales of Phantasia Field Medley
    -Raising a Curtain (OST Ver)
    -The Second Act (OST Ver)
    -Final Act (OST Ver)

  • 5-ETERNAL MIND (Tales of Eternia, OST Ver)
  • 6-Captivated by the Journey (Tales of Xillia, OST Ver)
  • 7-Starry Heavens (Tales of Symphonia, OST Ver)
  • 8-progress (Tales of Xillia, OST Ver)
  • 9-The End of a Nightmare, But Still in the Middle of a Dream/This Advancement Will Not Be Stopped (Tales of Innocence, OST Song 1, OST Song 2)
  • 10-The Full Moon and the Morning Star -From Ring a Bell- (Tales of Vesperia, OST Ver)
    -Surprise guest vocal by BONNIE PINK

  • 11-Lithia's Lullaby (Tales of Hearts, OST Ver)
  • 12-Royal Capital ~Majestic Grandeur~ (Tales of Graces, OST Ver)
  • 13-Hotarubi (Tales of Legendia, OST Japanese Ver) Vocal: Mayumi Sudou
  • 14-Tales of Zestiria Trials Medley
    -Flaming Bonds Are Being Tested (OST Ver)
    -Competing with the Honor of the Land (OST Ver)
    -Melody of Water is the Guide in Spiritual Mist (OST Ver)
    -Fight Between the Wind and the Blinking Sky (OST Ver)

  • 15-Journey's End (Tales of Zestiria, OST Ver)