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Tales of Orchestra Concert 2017 CD Tracklist

The list of songs to be featured on the Tales of Orchestra Concert 2017 feat. Tales of Zestiria the X CD has been announced:

1. Sorey's Theme ~Shepherd~
2. Legend of the Shepherd
3. Home of the Seraphim, Elysia
4. Sacred Blade Festival
5. Beginning of Calamity
6. Theme of Velvet
7. illuminate (appearance by Minami)
8. calling (appearance by fhána)
9. Kaze no Uta
10. Rising Up
11. The Bond of Two Fostered by the Wind
12. Journey's End
13. Zaveid the Exile
14. White Light
16. "Tales of Zestiria the X" Ending

ToRays Web Gag Anime Announced

Tales of the Rays Gekijou, a short gag anime similar to Tales of Gekijou that was released alongside Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, will be streamed online next year.
(Sorry this is up so late compared to the other posts, I fell alseep going through the stream again for a screenshot of the news)

TalesFes 2018 Dated, Next ToStage Date

The next Tales of Festival has been dated for June 16 and June 17 at Yokohama Arena next year. Confirmed cast members so far are Masaya Onosaka (Zelos, both days), Ken'ichi Suzumura (Senel, day 1), Azumi Asakura (Laphicet, day 2), Katsuyuki Konishi (Lloyd, both days), Chihiro Suzuki (Luke, both days), Ryouta Osaka (Mikleo, day 1). The official site will update on December 18 (edit: Now up).
Also announced is that Tales of the Stage: Lorelei no Chikara wo Tsugumono will be performed at Yokohama Arena on June 15. The official site for this will also be updated on 12/18 (edit: Now up).

ToRays New Part

A new part of Tales of the Rays titled Tales of the Rays: Mirage Prison will start next year. The main character is Kocis, voiced by Kouki Uchiyama and Mileena from the first part will be returning. Then there is ??? voiced by Natsuki Hanae (Ix's VA, and the character also bears resemblance to Ix. Not sure if red herring or not though).
Tales series characters confirmed so far are Ludger and Elle.
The new theme song will be Mirairisuto by Girlfriend (if the 'risuto' part is supposed to be 'list' then it'd translate to something like 'future list' but I'm not sure if that's the intention or not as of now). Short teaser for the game below:

ToZX Season 2 NA BD/DVD Release Date

The second season of Tales of Zestiria the X will be released on DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital in some North American countries on March 13, 2018. Retail price of this combo is $64.98 but you can get it for less through FUNimation. As before, both Japanese and English audio is included.