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ToH-R Coming to West+Announcement Video

So apparently this went up on Bandai Namco EU's channel before being set to private (link here, I'll embed this once it goes public), so I'm pretty sure this counts as a leak. Uh ooops, someone already reuploaded it though.
In the video, series producer Hideo Baba announces that Tales of Hearts R is coming to the West. The release window is set for winter 2014.

So yes, everyone, after all that stuff recently it's actually happening.

TalesFes 2014-Theme Song Artists

The artists to appear at Tales of Festival this year have been posted on the official site.

On May 31, misono (Tales of the Tempest, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World) will perform while KOKIA (Tales of Innocence) will do so on June 1.

ToW-RU Site Open

So Tales of the World: Reve Unitia's site is officially open now.
As usual, I'll go by section here.

Same basic release info we know, that the game is on the 3DS and such.

More basic info on the game itself, about how it's based on Tales of the World: Tactics Union with some enhancements.

Tern's Story
Nacht's Story
I haven't 100% covered all of this, but there's some basic info in this post.

Original Characters:

Series Characters:
Asbel Lhant
Lloyd Irving
Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear
Yuri Lowell
Jade Curtiss

ToZ Scans and Screens-Lyra & Battle Info

Yeah, went with Lyra over Lyla. At least for now.
External ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal Image
Famitsu has its online article up too.
External Image
External Image
External Image
For info on Lyra, read here.
Supposedly, the Priest/Sage can make pacts with the Divine, ideally with all four elements. However ones who have pulled that off are almost nonexistent.
(This is where Slay and our elemental Divine party members come in, guys. Hahaha)

So on to the battle system info.
The mechanics revealed here seem to take a bit of inspiration from the Style Shift system in Tales of Graces.
External Image
Human battle styles involve quick base artes using the O button and powerful arcane artes using the X button (expect those to be switched in the English version).
External Image
Divine battle styles have mid-ranged base artes on the O button, with spells on the X button.

There are a few new locations in the scans: Lake Piro Plateau, Lake Maiden's Temple/Shrine/Whatever, and Vivia Waterway Ruins.
They also show some of Mikulio and Edna's artes. Interestingly our Earth Divine Edna has Embrace End (Final Embrace), which is an ice arte, so either ice is aligned with earth in this game or it's possible that the Divines might have a secondary element on top of their main one.

Rumor Time 2-ToH-R Rumors Intensify

Two rumor posts in a row? What's going on here?
Preorders for Tales of Hearts (Vita, so Hearts R) have popped up on GameStop's online store.
Interestingly, it's listed as a GameStop exclusive.
Seems a little strange to be listed as an exclusive if it's an error. What do you guys think?
(Either way, I wouldn't preorder yet. You know, just in case.)

Edit: Aaaand they took it down. Either it was a mistake or they put it up too early. Got a screencap though.