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ToW-RU Site-Emil & Marta Videos

The Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site now has videos of Emil and Marta up.

ToZ Scan-More Fusions

A magazine article on Tales of Zestiria shows off more fusions between Sorey and the Divine. We've already seen Lailah's, so here are Mikleo, Dezel, and Edna's.
External Image
Similarly to how Lailah's fusion used a large sword, each of the others have a unique weapon.
Mikleo+Sorey=Bow and arrow
Dezel+Sorey=Blade Wings

There also seems to be a minor character named Sergei at the bottom, as well as showing more on our mascot Normin (neither of those spellings are official).
And since I forgot to mention it, the next stream is on August 22.

New ToZ Videos from 2nd Nico Nico Stream

The second of the monthly Tales of Zestiria streams had a few more videos. One showing off the battle transitions on the field (also confirming you earn Grade in battle again) and videos for Mikleo and Lailah.

ToZ Site-Maltran, Bartlow, System Info, etc

The official site for Tales of Zestiria updated with the info that's been released this month.
A couple of new locations were added here and here.
The page on the Divine now has some more general info. Supposedly not everyone is pleased to see Sorey use his priest powers despite the legends saying that he'll bring peace. To someone without spiritual power, his powers don't look any different from the abnormalities Hyouma create and it's frightening to them.
Also, Lailah has a pledge that grants her power, but there's a rule to it. It's unknown what the rule is, but if the subject is brought up, she acts strange and tries to avoid the subject.

A page with screenshots of the anime scenes was put up.

On the character pages, the spellings were put up and the URLs were updated to fit them. Apparently the name is actually "Alisha" with a l (I guess Dengeki messed that one up). The two characters shown recently are named Maltran and Bartlow.

For the battle system, there are pages for the Real Map Battle system and Mystic Artes. As a reminder, the former is the fact that the terrain of the location shows up in battles. As for Mystic Artes, only screens of Lailah's Enbu Rengekiha are shown without detailing how to use them.

Another page was put up for accompanying characters, as in, the ones who follow you around on the field and can be spoken to at times.
Finally, Map Actions were also added. You can do things like use Sorey's sword to cut something out of the way, burn with Lailah's flames, and so on.

Pages for the TV special and theme song were also added, but there's nothing we didn't already know.

ToW-RU-Flynn, Rita, Raven Videos

The Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site now has videos of Flynn, Rita, and Raven.