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ToZ EU CE and Preorder Bonus Announced

The European Collector's Edition and preorder bonuses for Tales of Zestiria were announced.
The CE will include:
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  • 4 Chibi Kyun Chara figures
  • Lady of the Lake sanctuary cloth artwork
  • Hardback artbook
  • 30 minute anime DVD (includes both English dub and Japanese voices with subtitles)
  • Selected soundtrack from the game
  • Exclusive Normin metalcase
  • Collector’s Edition box

And then whether you buy the CE or the Standard Edition, you'll get the bonus Mystic Artes for Mikleo, Lailah, and Alisha as well as the Alisha Story DLC (make use of this site once it's out). After November 18, the Alisha Story DLC will have to be purchased.
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Select retailers will be offering other bonuses, such as badges, or Tales weapon skins and costumes.

The bonuses for the Steam version depends on the number of preorders.

  • Step 0=Weapon skin DLC
  • Step 1=Male Tales costumes
  • Step 2=Female Tales costumes
  • Step 3=Tales of Symphonia on Steam is given

ToS Coming to Steam

A port of the PS3 version of Tales of Symphonia will be released on Steam next year. This is part of another announcement that I'll be posting after this.

ToB Site Open

The official site for Tales of Berseria finally opened. Not all the pages are up yet, but it's a start.

Spec: Not much here, since none of the release info has been announced yet. All we know is that it'll be released for PS3/PS4.

Story: Only has the World section up explaining about Midgand. This was pretty much covered in scans, the biggest addition being that they have set routes for trade ships due to nasty currents and weather and that pirates are also known to target these routes.
There are screens of the different areas we've seen so far.

Character: Only Velvet's page is up so far. Since I didn't post the Famitsu scans before thanks to not finding them in decent quality, I'll say here that she's 19 years old and her height is 170 cm (5'7").

System: Not yet open
Movie: Not yet open
Special: Not yet open

ToB Trademarked in Europe

A trademark for Tales of Berseria has been filed in Europe.
Normally I'd say this doesn't mean anything but with the recent trend of Tales games actually being localized, I'd say it has a good chance of actually coming.


The first Tales of Berseria trailer was uploaded by Bandai Namco today. The video shows off some footage of Velvet and a few of the locations in the game.