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ToW-RU-Rid, Meredy Videos

The Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site has also updated with videos of Rid and Meredy.

ToX2-Alvin & Elize Videos

Bandai Namco Europe have put up videos of both Alvin and Elize (and Teepo) from the English version of Tales of Xillia 2 on their YouTube channel.

ToZ Scans-Bit of a recap

This week's Famitsu has eight pages of Tales of Zestiria (thanks for the scans @ExeForce87). Most of it is recapping stuff we already know, but it does mention a few things. Plus there's some new art by ufotable and that's always fun. (Online preview here)
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These basically reintroduce all the characters (including last week's Maltran/Martran) and mechanics introduced so far. Also shown here is an NPC named Baltro (CV: Yutaka Nakano) who is the kingdom's minister (the government kind, not the church kind).

The Map Actions that were mentioned last week are using the Divine's powers to interact with the environment. Think of it as your buddies being a Sorcerer's Ring. As for the character following you on the field, you can interact with them as shown in certain screens. They only show Alicia but apparently she's not the only one you can do this with. There are also a few more screens showing the way the terrain affects the battle fields.

The interview points out that despite looking younger, Edna is older than Mikulio and calls him Mikulio-boya ("boya" meaning "boy"). The Divine are said to be long lived and as Mikulio is only around Slay's age, that makes him quite young for one. Dezel supposedly wears his eye covering hat for a reason. Slay and Mikulio are both best friends and rivals. As said before, the ingame anime scenes are nearly finished and ufotable mostly has the opening to work on after that. The TV special will take some time to finish too and is said to cover the beginning of Slay, Alicia, and Mikulio's adventure.
...and I think I'm forgetting something important here. :/

ToW-RU Shown in 3rd Party Nintendo Direct

Series producer Hideo Baba presented some footage of Tales of the World: Reve Unitia during the Nintendo Direct for 3rd party 3DS games earlier. Start watching from around 3:45 for it (I would've posted this sooner but my internet's been in and out all day and I hadn't gotten a chance to fully watch it until now).

ToW-RU Site-Sophie, Cheria Videos

The Tales of the World: Reve Unitia site now has videos for Sophie and Cheria up. Also, some characters who didn't have screenshots of their cut-ins now have one up.