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ToZ English Screenshots

Along with that new trailer, Bandai Namco has also put up a few English screenshots of Tales of Zestiria.
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External Image
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ToZ English Trailer, Dual Audio Confirmed

Bandai Namco Entertainment has put up an English trailer for Tales of Zestiria. Also, they confirmed the game will include both English and Japanese audio and that it is scheduled for Autumn this year.

Project X Zone 2 Announced, Yuri & Flynn Return

Project X Zone 2: Brave New World was recently announced and with the video and screenshots released for it, it revealed that Yuri and Flynn will be returning. The game will be released in autumn. (And yes, it's planned to be localized at that time too)

ToS OVA-Ibitsu Preview

So as mentioned before, the second Tales of Symphonia The Animation United World Episode ending theme is going to be released on 4/29 and Frontier Works uploaded a preview of the songs on the single. Ibitsu's preview starts at 1:30.
Even though the preview uses the same part of the song as the OVA, it sounds like a new recording, which isn't too surprising considering the original short version was done 3 years ago.

The tracklist of Akatsuki is as follows:
1: Irodori
2: Ibitsu (Tales of Symphonia The Animation United World Episode Ending 2)
3: Akatsuki (Akatsuki no Yona Ending 2)
4: Akatsuki -instrumental-

BanNam EU Claims "Massive Surprises" In Coming Months

Bandai Namco EU put up a video showcasing the different games in the Tales series to hype up the 20th anniversary (nothing really of note, it's pretty much like the video at the beginning of the Japanese trailers for Zestiria in that it shows off anime scenes of the games, although this one only shows localized ones). However at the end of the news they put out for it, there are claims that "massive surprises" are in store for the anniversary and "amazing news" is to be announced in the coming months.
Does this news only apply to western regions or also Japan since Tales Festival is in June? Is it a port of Zestiria as some speculate? A new game? A localization of a game we never got? Another rerelease of Phantasia? (Sorry, had to make that joke)