Hello Welcome To My Story there will be new posts every day (if i can try to)
Plz do come see Enjoy Nya Thank You

My New Web Site!!!

Hey guys whats up!!! It's been a while now (i forgot some things here.....) will I get on Deviantart.com more then this so VIST ME There "My User Name :Strawb...

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Long time Post

Sorry Every One I Was Not Here For A While Nya i'ed try to get one for onece i had a lot of stuff to do i still have to post those Tokyo Mew Mew Comics liked i said Nya

Will Happy Early X-Mas My Friends Nya
i still need people to plz come back to check up my web here no one has not really come i feel bad. I was thinking i would make a Birthday Card For My Friends On Here I didn't get to say Happy Brithday Sorry Guys i will make it up to you Nya

New News

♥ Just Some Thing Random Hey guys sorry i haven't post any thing like last... month will i got something to tell you guys i have pet its a turtle will hes 9 years old its still a baby he gots big cute eyes is name is rocky ...

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