My <3

I got to see miguel after about 6 days I saw him at the stock show that was here over spring break and got to hang out with him and his family for a while before i had to leave. But my brother was there to watch us and he was a total bumer to have. He made faces and glared at us, made noises and just being ugly. I don't get why he hates miguel yet when i went out with a total arse he didn't act like this. Oh well, I was happy to see miguel. I even saw a GIANT PIKACHU!!!!!1!!11! I wanted it but we suck at rigged games. But i helped grease piggies! and i won a toy plush cow! And i saw miguel today. I got mr. Bear back too. I ish happy! + ^ ^ +

My cat got Jinxed (even if you don't believe)


Well, yes I know, I know " that chick loses a cat every other week", "what's up with her cats?" that's what some of you must be thinking, but I'm not putting up posts for attention. I love all of my pets and for some reason my cats have the misfourtune of passing at times close together.
borrowed was my kitty who looked like this I say that he was jinxed cause when my dad would pull up to the house he would see Borrowed and Little Bear. If one of them was too close to the car (always Borrowed) he woudl say "Thud" as if he hit him. I'd get mad at him and say "No, don't say that." Saddly, on Friday morning I couldn't find him, which worried me cause he was always there for breakfast. After school I was going home and....I found him. He was laying in the middle of the street. I didn't want to believe it was him, but after looking and calling for him for about 15 minutes it sank in that it was borrowed in the street. My dad buried him next to Bear and Beth. It was exactly 2 weeks after Bear passed that Borrowed passed. So I say Good-Bye Borrowed. Please watch over Little Bear along side Bear and Beth for me while your in heaven. He's all alone while I'm at school. (I'm almost crying and the music playing in the library right now isn't helping)


Ugh i is sick today. My throat is sore and scratchy, my nose it runny and my sineces are swollen.....i almost missed school today. I hope to get better over the weekend...but for now i sleep in class after done with work....night night.

Bear </3

My fav. cat Bear died last week. I don't know if he went peacefully...But he helped me through middle school (hardest part of my life (so far)) he would always cheer me up, he got mange and lost most of his fur but he was still so loving and helped me from crying. He has a son whom I have named Little Bear. He is so much like his father...I cried alot when I found him after he passed away, but I feel better knowing that he wouldn't want me to cry and that he left a little peice if him within his son for me to keep along with his memories.He was and still is a sweetheart and a beautiful loving creature no matter what anyone (my "mother) says bye-bye Bear, you will always be in my heart <3

ACT Score

Well I took my first ACT test last year ( Just last month lol) and I got my score earlier this week....I got....a 21! I did pretty good for my first ( my brother got like a 15) I is happy, but I want to take it again and do even better! I is determinded! lol but for now I gunna look at lolcats