We're all mad here

Welcome welcome, come inside~ Kick up your feet and make yourself comfortable…but don’t stare too long at the stripes on my walls, they’ve been known to cause insanity! You’ve been warned! *cackles*

Behold my world. MY. World. Yes yes, be jealous AOOC(all other original characters), I have a world all my own, simply because a world with all of you in it can’t contain the crazy in my mind. >83 *wonders if this is really something to be proud of* (Raven: No it isn’t.) NO MATTER!~ *AHEM* Before you go thinking you’ve entered some normal realm where I shall post my craziness and you shall read, oh ho ho, I ask that you think again good sirs and madams. I INVITE you to JOIN ME. Yes, in my insanity. Trust me, sanity really is overrated. You won’t regret your decision~

How do you join? Well just ask.

What are you supposed to do? I’ll tell you~

In this world, I will randomly change the theme! No, I don’t just mean the background, etc etc, I mean the entire THEME of what will be posted here. When I change said theme, pics/vids/etc are to be posted of only said theme. For example. My first theme will be ALICE IN WONDERLAND. In this time anything Alice will be posted here, until the next theme is announced, then whatever that theme may be, only that type of material will be posted~ Get it? It’ll be loads of fun seeing if people can manage to keep up. I’m hoping so, because I’ll love to see lots of fun things! O:

I’ll leave it at this for now. Welcome once more, I do hope you’ll enjoy what I shall share with you~ And Please do join in, it’ll be fun~~

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Special thanks to Chrysta for my signature~ <3