Kitty Kitty, Cheshire Kitty

Meh..random title. I suck at coming up with some awesome name for a post. XD Anyway, I was searching for more piccies to post here and I couldn't help but to notice how creepy most of the Cheshire Cat's are. Sharp teeth, one looked like an alien bug, I swear...creepy eyes. Meh...I like creepy, so it doesn't bother me. This one here, still kinda creepy, but the cutest of the creepy ones. XD

So...yeah...there ya go. XDD

~Mad Hatter Gakupo~


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-}Mad Hatter{-

Bwahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Guess who's the first one to p...

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We're all mad here

Welcome welcome, come inside~ Kick up your feet and make yourself comfortable…but don’t stare too long at the stripes on my walls, they...

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THEME *__*

The current theme is: :) ALICE IN WONDERLAND (: ...

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