Unexpected confidence

Good morning my lovelies ^^ how are you this fine Wednesday? I'm actually doing pretty well all things considered. Woke up with a nasty headache and took Excedrin on an empty stomach (made me feel pretty barfy) but despite that, I'm weirdly confident about my math test today =/ funny how that works lol last night was a blast though. We went out last for an icce and tea run and ended up pulling into a parking lot and watching the fireworks. It was very nice. I love fireworks but they give me wicked headaches because of the loud booms. Thankfully we were far enough away the booms didn't bother me much. Okami seemed to enjoy it too ^^ its something he had never done before. Crazy right? Lol anyway it was a lot of fun even if we went to bed late because of it. That's what v8 energy boosts are for! XD lol I swear I'm not sponsored, I just love those things. Anyway, I hope everyone who celebrated had a fun and safe time last night. Have an awesome day guys