(foxes by XxArrancarFanxX)

Hello everyone Im Small Lady and heres a little bit about myself as well as my lovely adopted foxes~ I'll be using them a lot. The blue one is Rohdanthe the ascended. Male of course. The pink one is Sylvia the beloved. Female.


Name: Small Lady, Usagi, Usa, Chibiusa

Age: 25 (omg can you believe it? XD)

Marital status: Married (no kids xp)

Occupation: Student

Star sign: Leo

Year: Ram

Birthday: August 4

Likes: sweets, baking, anime, video games, animals, collecting plushies, playing mtg, cosplaying, reading, drawing, writing...

Dislikes: anything bigger than me, storms, spiders, leeches, lampree, ticks, stereotypes, judgemental people, strawberries, mushrooms, math x.x

Watched list:

Sailormoon (Crystal)
Cardcaptor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Dragon Ball (z) (gt) (kai)
Gumdam Wing
G Gundam
Gundam Seed
Cyborg 009
Air Gear
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Dance of the vampire bund
Hellsing (ultimate)
Wolves Rain
Zatch bell
Death Note
Kill La Kill
Ghost in the shell
Vampire Knight
Soul Eater
Blue Exorsist
Kamisama Kiss
Shugo Chara
This ugly yet beautiful world
Please teacher
Tenchi muyo
Black butler
Sword art online
Black cat
Mew mew power
A little snow fairy sugar
Gurren Lagann
Fate/stay night (zero)
Your lie in april
Yuki Yuna is a hero
Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
.hack//sign (legend of twilight)
Black butler 2
Jing king of bandits

Read list:
.hack// legend of the twilight bracelet
Air gear
Black butler
Tokyo mew mew
Love hina
Return to the labyrinth
Kamichama Karin (chu)
Jing king of bandits
Dragon ball
Shugo chara
Fullmetal alchemist
Legend of Zelda (seasons, ages, ocarina, four swordZatchs)
Zatch bell
Zodiac P.I.
Vampire knight
Magic knight rayearth
Codename sailor V
Sailor moon
Soul eater
Blue exorcist
Alice in the country of hearts (clover)
Kingdom hearts (chain of memories, 2)
Ranma 1/2
1/2 Prince
Absolute boyfriend
A doll and his master


Just wanted to drop by and say hi. I swear I'm not dead things are just surprisingly busy right now. Tests, bringing grades up, redecorating and helping mother-in-law move out x.x it's been crazy. Oh, also happy spring equinox/Easter everyone!.... even if it is a day late xD


I'll bet you 50 monopoly dollars I've got freaking bronchitis again. I feel bubbles and can't sleep x.x

He's beautiful!!!! Update

it's my cute little Launcelot >w< and a chara you've never met. Launcelot is the pink haired one of course, but the teal haired one is my dearest Jojo. Who is he you ask? Well, a long time ago....a really long time ago when my kyoya and kaoru were still best friends we built a group of characters together and a world around them. Kyoya created an interesting villain who had created a few human alien hybrid people. A hand full of these people escaped and one was her main chara Shirou. The villain however still had the DNA of Shirou and cloned him a few times. A lot of stuff happens and basically Jojo finds out he is a clone and he feels as though he isn't a real person and spirals into depression.

I felt terrible for the guy and told her she couldn't leave a character like that so she proposed a challenge to me. She would Rp as Jojo and if I could bring him out of the depression, she would give him to me and I could give him a happy ending ^^

Jojo later became the happy little emo guy you see today. While he had some trouble in the past he's gotten over the clone issues and views himself as having purpose and having a place in the world. While bordering on the girly side at times he's a happy teenage looking guy with a bright future. Hurt those he's close to however, and his smile fades quickly....if that should ever happen...run far and run fast.

He's beautiful!!!!

External Image it's my cute little Launcelot >w<

Only me -face palm-

I lost my lab book and today is anatomy lab....fml -face desk-


Lab book found! Left it in lab room x.x