(foxes by XxArrancarFanxX)

Hello everyone Im Small Lady and heres a little bit about myself as well as my lovely adopted foxes~ I'll be using them a lot. The blue one is Rohdanthe the ascended. Male of course. The pink one is Sylvia the beloved. Female.


Name: Small Lady, Usagi, Usa, Chibiusa

Age: 25 (omg can you believe it? XD)

Marital status: Married (no kids xp)

Occupation: Student

Star sign: Leo

Year: Ram

Birthday: August 4

Likes: sweets, baking, anime, video games, animals, collecting plushies, playing mtg, cosplaying, reading, drawing, writing...

Dislikes: anything bigger than me, storms, spiders, leeches, lampree, ticks, stereotypes, judgemental people, strawberries, mushrooms, math x.x

Watched list:

Sailormoon (Crystal)
Cardcaptor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Dragon Ball (z) (gt) (kai)
Gumdam Wing
G Gundam
Gundam Seed
Cyborg 009
Air Gear
Yu Yu Hakusho
Cowboy Bebop
Dance of the vampire bund
Hellsing (ultimate)
Wolves Rain
Zatch bell
Death Note
Kill La Kill
Ghost in the shell
Vampire Knight
Soul Eater
Blue Exorsist
Kamisama Kiss
Shugo Chara
This ugly yet beautiful world
Please teacher
Tenchi muyo
Black butler
Sword art online
Black cat
Mew mew power
A little snow fairy sugar
Gurren Lagann
Fate/stay night (zero)
Your lie in april
Yuki Yuna is a hero
Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
.hack//sign (legend of twilight)
Black butler 2
Jing king of bandits

Read list:
.hack// legend of the twilight bracelet
Air gear
Black butler
Tokyo mew mew
Love hina
Return to the labyrinth
Kamichama Karin (chu)
Jing king of bandits
Dragon ball
Shugo chara
Fullmetal alchemist
Legend of Zelda (seasons, ages, ocarina, four swordZatchs)
Zatch bell
Zodiac P.I.
Vampire knight
Magic knight rayearth
Codename sailor V
Sailor moon
Soul eater
Blue exorcist
Alice in the country of hearts (clover)
Kingdom hearts (chain of memories, 2)
Ranma 1/2
1/2 Prince
Absolute boyfriend
A doll and his master


I'm feeling super green around the gills today...idk why but I'm wicked barfy but, it's market day and I have a required guest speaker to see tonight Yaaay~ -X- I feel like refried butt...that's a thing now

New achievement unlocked!

New achievement: No more hobo face!

I've had such an awful time with makeup this winter it's not even funny =/ my skin has been so dry it looked like pale Dragon scales when I applied my foundation despite my best efforts of hydrating my skin. Finally today it's nice and even, no dryness and I got some new stuff to play around with too! Also anime filter because I'm adorkable xD

Looking up

Thank you to all who sent well wishes in my last post. Things have, actually taken a turn for the better. He's wide awake and his body is on the mend. Once he leaves the hospital my mouth in law is moving in with him to help him stay more on track. With the way things were looking I feared for the worst for a while...I tried doing dumb little things go keep myself occupied but, for one things are turning out wonderful ^^

Victory thy name is Usagi!

Highest score in class on psychology 203 midterm, 115/100!!!! Woot woot!!!! Aced test and extra credit!

Deep talk

My dearest lovelies, can we have a real conversation for a minute? I just wanted to say that I finally understand the way I'm feeling. This post is going to delve into some heavy stuff, if that makes you uncomfortable you may want to leave now.

Before I said I want feeling very human lately from the massive amounts ive had to study, and the nightmares were eating at my mind. I now understand what brought everything on. I didn't give you wonderful people all the details in these posts and wallpapers because I wasn't sure of them myself. Lately I've been thinking about my grandfather a lot. Thinking of him and how he died. Without much rhyme or reason my brain would go back to that night throughout the day and I couldn't figure out for the life of me why. "Why now?!" I found myself asking all the time. I'd try to study and it would replay, wash the dishes and another replay, go for a run and damn if it didn't replay again.

I could hear the gurggles...the spirits of air escaping, I could smell the house and that sickeningly sweet odor hanging around. I....I was just sort of stuck in that night all over again and had no idea why. Classes aside everything has been wonderful lately. I'm happy, I'm having fun and enjoying each day. Why the hell is this happening now?!....then yesterday it finally clicked. I was going back because of study material for my death and dying class. The class is currently reading a book about silent grief of child loss. What would that remind me of my grandfather? Because that experience for me was the closest thing to the authors pain I had ever felt.

When I read or speak with people, I tend to pick up the emotions being portrayed. I in a sense feel what the other person is feeling. I've been told I'm an "empath" and that's why things like this particular event happen. Of that, I'm not sure. What I do know is I was picking up o her pain and helplessness and the closest I've ever come o those feelings...was that night. That terrifying cold night.

Now that I've made that connection, I'm resting easier and feeling more like myself again. I'm not quite as haunted by it and I've even been given comfort in those events as well. I feel human again, I feel like me again and I couldn't feel better.