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Welcome!! Here I will post profiles for characters and such!! Its also for roleplays of pretty much anything so lemme know if you like it and you can be a guest poster! <3

Join our discord roleplay server

Hi Guys! me and DeathSeraph have decided to create a pokemon roleplay sever on discord and are trying to get our old group back together https://discord.gg/8YwAxX


Anyone wanna Rp? Im in the mood for it, got nothing better to do lol.


I have a fun idea but! You will need to make a gijinka in a costume for it. So I mean draw one! If your friends have some characters too get em in! I think it sounds fun!

Lets put you in Different shoes

Anybody can join

Lately some gijinka's have been fighting about how there gender is better. these comments where heard and something shifted everyone's gender now males are females, females are male. Now its up to a brave group of friends to fixed what has happend

Role play Idea!

So I had an Idea! What if we do a pokemon gijinka Roleplay BUT! what if everyone is gender swaped! What do you think about that lemme know in the comments!