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Hello everyone ~
I apologize for my slight hiatus...
I cannot say that I have actually returned yet though but I sure hope that I can make a comeback soon.

I have a few plans in line for this world and I hope that you all are ready for all the fashion and stuff that I am going to shove into this world!!

~CrimzonN3k0 z~

Simple/Last Minute/Inexpensive/DIY Costumes!

Hey everybody! How is your hunt for the perfect costume going? If you are anything like me then....you haven't even actually tried. Either you are, too lazy, have no time, or don't have any money for a friggin $60 dollar costume....or you ...

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The theme is Halloween

What's up, you guys? This is day 2 of my posting stuff for you today! This post will have no specific theme, just all things inspired by Halloween. So check out these awesome tutorials I found to share with you guys! Vampy Make Up...

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Misa Misa (Misa Amane) ~

One of my favorite characters from the series "Death Note" is Misa Amane. ...

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Lumpin Awesome

Oh what is up my fashionable fashionistas and very beautiful friends <3 Please forgive me for neglecting this world, but it has been pretty hard with no internet, but because I miss updating this world, and I miss you all, I am going to d...

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