There must be another part to this dream that I can't let go of
But somehow it keeps getting interrupted.....

"Even with this vague helping hand,
In a split second the cocoon's threads are torn apart and turn to ash"
Poems that lurk in the darkness of my mind will find their peace on this digital paper.....

no room for dreamers [note to self]

there is no room for dreamers
in a circlet of smoke, aromatic and dense
counting footsteps up the balcony
where ivies gently twirled

there is no room for dreamers
into the station where all flee

there is no room for dreamers
with no clock and no god
nor guidance by winds

set sails

. . . .

yet there is no room for dreamers
here where i stand
with a window aside and mirror in my hand
to test a reverted nature

lights, expect them to dim
across the hill's waving rim
to follow trails of thoughts
gathering feathers and knots
but one to leave behind
a trace

for one to find
. . . .

as there is no room for dreamers
like me, my mind, my shadow, my absence
count at a heartbeat's pace
my footsteps
the floating lace
the ivy leaves
and willow trees

[once upon a time
within the midnight's silenced chime]

there is no room for dreamers, nor for this song of mine


i remember a snow as light as paper
walking on it lightly
fox in the storm of immaculateness
losing trace of hunters and hounds

somewhere the soul got corroded
something is missing...
it's the feel itself,
the sensation, the spark

footsteps sound empty
and nameless and shameless,
existence of a stroke of a brush,
somewhere in a book

. . .

the night comes to a close
music lays down to dream
winds rise to sweep
a patch of dust off your shoulder

and i'm off as well


must i stress the meeting point
of the two mediums
my universe and yours
my soul and yours
we wander on different paths

the mind grazes a few happy thoughts
lying to itself of how great it serves
the owner
i wish my demon shouting failure behind
my eyes
would stop inducing fear...

the code somewhere got corrupted
we got lost on the way
wish to decrypt my heart
and you no longer wander

spread your wings, fire bird
never let anyone steal your sky
[return energetic, flaming brighter
where the earth and sky meet
my mind will follow with the winds]

[never forget]

Saikin Mu-onna

Afloat and weightless
consuming and consumed by fear and hate
display of massacres of all hearts and principles

children playing with matches,
grin with excitement

the specter watches entertained
the scene and mumbles a summoning
for shame to return to them
for reason to recover them
from the coma of sadism and wild jokes
costing minds, hearts and innocence

. . .

the summonings choke in the specter's throat
with a rain of tears and storm of sighs...

the yurei shies away

the ghost of motherly affection, love
consumes slowly a thought

[mirrors and masks crack and shatter in the dust]

something from the inside howls
yet the howls are minimized
to a screech of a moving door

merely the reason separated from the soul
draw a puppet and a ghost

the portrait will not be painted
being too appalling for humane aesthetics
but the shades remain, swaying protection for swollen eyes

Basilisk, unicorn and siren [summonings]

Flourishing iridescent flames
summoning mythology through literature
and music
rock'n'rolling midnights
under the starry, dimmed lights

//riffs can only resonate, flutes and hisses slither
in the background//
claws, eyes of glass, furs of crimson shading, beaks, horns and sharp teeth
wise beasts of the millenarian tales
evergreen emerging from the drapes of the thick cold air

thus, the siren's tunes echo sharply beyond the moon
invocation of fortune and cursing
basilisk and unicorn, phoenix crying as reviving
from the crumbling ashes


drums beat loud as vividly pumping hearts
scales shimmer, flames wither, claws grasping, voices crashing
the wind through the forest whispers
the flute, guitar and vocal blast

'Heraldic creatures, thy power, surpassing the sun,
unclouded by storms, by grey veils and thunder
lighting paves thy paths
to the world'

Round and round, turning and praying
the siren, the basilisk, unicorn and phoenix
holy philosophical creatures, living forever, unbounded by the air, the fire, the light, water or darkness
so sweet, so secretive...

Summoning of fortune and misfortune
of life and death
of beauty and grace
of love and despair
of health and disease
of chanting and aspiration

Sacrifice is the offering,
suffering overfloating the reasoning...

the heart pulls back together
water, fire and ice
nothing in elegance
with music as vice
[going around thrice]