Hi ppl! K this is my...world i guess. anywho im a fun luving chic who doesn't take crap from any1 (unless i deserve it).
Hobbies: Basketball, Reading, Writing stories (usually fiction& Fantasy), and hanging out with my ppl.

Where i live: i live where bees gallop and horses buzz. Cats have scales and gators have fur and purr.

1.)If U smoke or do drugs u r not welcome here
2.)Never diss God on here or i'll drop kick u to kingdom come!
3.)If any1 ever needs to talk im all ears, all u gotta do is pm me^^

forgive my absence plz

hey, ppl. i know that i won't get too many comments...if any at all, but i'm finally back and wanting to find my friends. sorry i dissappeared for so long. i was having some troubles and had to get them out of the way. anywho, i'll stop by other ppl's sites today. l8erz!

I think its time to say goodbye for a while...

hey...like the title says, im gonna say goodbye. i don't feel very happy about being on otaku anymore. this new version is totally screwing with me becuz i cant find or get to my friends sites, i don't know how to really add new ppl, and i barely have time for it anymore...i might stay around im just not sure yet. if i don't respond within 2 months then im probably done with otaku.
plz don't be mad at me ppl.
if u want to e-mail me or something my email is: [email protected] (all in lower case).
so i guess i'll just say later..."Later."

Hi....i guess

hi ppl. sorry i havent been around lately... i am very sad right now cuz we had to put my dog (Charlie) to sleep today...
i didn't even know about it till i got home. so i've been crying a lot. i no this isn't much of a post, but im not really in the mood to talk or anything. well im gonna post a poem about my dog on myotaku site. if u wanna see it thanks if not i wont hold it against u.

no idea what to put...

Hi ppl! how is every1? im....i think im in a good mood...ya i am since i had chocolate cake lol!
well, my parents r starting to tutor me in math cuz im having issues with it...and grades r slipping just a tad
but yea. this week has been sort of chaotic. friends keep telling me 2 go back out w/ my X, but i keep saying no. parents r harping on me cuz of grades, and if i don't do an extra credit thing i'll drop one letter grade. so ya. oh and i fell down the stairs today. hehe...im a clutz.
but yea not to say...if u have anything to say u no wat to do and i'll jsut shut up so u can say it tootlez!
~Bball babe

OMG OMG if my post goes up im gonna b happy!

OMG What happened?! im gone for a little while (3weeks thnx to school and life) and i come back to find Otaku rearranged and topsy-turvey! im like "... WTF happened?!" so ya...

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