H-H-oney-Sempai *facepalm*

So I guess when me and a group of friends decided to nickname each other after Ouran High School Host Club Members, we weren't relizeing we'd be role playing so much. XD Last night we role played via text. Which is absolutely hilarious.

So I had been trying to get ahold of Hikaru all day (BTW, I'm karou) which was failing cause apperntally she was over at her cousins house and she wouldnt answer her phone, so I guess the next time she picks up her phone shes gunna see "Text from Karou, Text from Karou, Text from Karou. . ." LOL. but anywho I kinda gave up but I still wanted to talk to someone, so I text-ed Honey-sempai. O__O which would have gone well if she hadnt. . .lost her Usachan. . . *facepalm* So I get a text back saying "I lost my usachan! *crycrysobsob* and I have no Takashi to comfort me!"

Cause Mori was. . . well. . .we could have texted her but shes married and it was almost midnight and I didnt have the guts to do that. XD and the lord dosnt text (I doubt he'd know what to do, anyway.) and er, we have no kyouya. xD So it was pretty much just me and Honey.

So I text back and gave her some cake, and while she was distracted I turned and text haruhi, since thats the only person I could get ahold of at 11:30PM. xD Thankfully she helped me out, and, after interrogating people and asking some of the girls in the host club, Haruhi found Honey-sempai's Usachan in Classroom A. But we had to tell Honey-sempai that haruhi found it at the end of a rainbow cause Honey-Sempai had convinced herself that Lepercons had stolen her Usachan, and so she took out a huge mallet to hurt them with. (I hid.) But thankfully, haruhi found it before any harm was done.

But er. . . she didn't believe that it was her usachan. . . and she used a flame thrower on it. Thankfully Jerico (Um. . how can I put this, he is Honeys favorite character from one of her stories.) calmed her down and said he'd find her another usachan before my birthday. And Pretty much the rest of the night was spent talking about tea and work with Haruhi, and the occasional rant about me missing Hikaru and how my bed was empty and alone, which lead into the story of when Hikaru kicked me off the bed. =___=

And when Honey-Sempai finally noticed she wouldn't have her Usachan for awhile, she started crying again, but I had fallen asleep by then. >D

So yeah. . . that was last night. XD
This is what happens when we are all bored, and doing nothing. xD (I guess haruhi was watching anime, so she was being more productive then Honey and I. LOL)