Gamer Otaku lost her job, Kupo~

So I guess I lost my job. :( Which makes me very very sad. No more money. but I guess I'm not in a ditch dyeing somewhere so it's cool. Haha. I'm very excited for this Christmas! So far the count down to christmas eve has brought wonderful things and quality family time, which are two of my favorite things of the season. Even though were not very rich, we still know how to have a good time. ^^

So I have some commissions I hope to get done. I'm a secret Santa so I'm freaking out on what I'm gunna draw my person. . .cause I have honestly no clue what to do for her/him. Hopefully I'll get it figured out.

I love Hetalia! I cant wait for the new season in 2010! :3 I'm so excited, that and a new Code Geass project! I had a feeling they'd continue, I just hope they don't ruin it~ So 2010 is looking good for me already! Sadly, I have no idea what I'm going to do for my birthday, it cant be my usual all nighter cause we dont have the money to feed the masses, so I was thinking of just a cosplay party cause everyone was psyched with the idea to dress up as Ouran high characters. I hope Hikaru (Kakashikrazed) can come~ Shes often busy or sick so I told her to make sure to have the second week of march reserved for her twin. XD Cause I mean come on, I'm gunna cry if she cant come. I'm pretty sure honey-sempai (ShorterthenED) can come, shes not really busy and Haruhi I HOPE can come since I never see the woman and I would really like me shirt back that I left at her house. xD Kyouya most likley wont be able to come, which makes me sad. :( and I would invite Tamaki if I knew him better. ROFL. Although, at Honey-sempai's birthday I did grab his cloak and run around with it, and we played tug-o-war. . . but he was so quite during the RK all niter we forgot he was there. ROFL. I wanna invite some other people but I'm not sure they'd enjoy it. :( I'm torn on what to do. . .

wow. . .rant much? xD

Anyway, I picked up some old Wii games today that I haven't played in a year. Soul caliber and Pangya golf. I haven't been able to beat Cecila FOR EVER! I hate that woman! No navy navigator should play golf, its just wrong!!! >.< And as for soul caliber I wanted to beat the final level but my brother and I forgot what it was called so we couldn't find the mission. *sweatdrop* So I started another mission and I was doing great until a pillar fell on me. . .Epic fail. XD

And I forgot how much I LOVE Iska!!! ~<3 I love that evil evil man. xD His white hair and red and blue eyes make me think of the American flag. ROFL.

So that's about it, I'm bored.
Merry Christmas~<3