Nonomu Desu~

Nonomu Desu! She is a Fox in a story I'm writing. Chang Hou is the other Fox, but I haven't put her up yet. Chang hou and Nonomu both appear in two stories, one if a fanfiction, ones an original. Heres a little about Nonomu:

Nonomu is a fox. She is very deceiving and cunning unlike her friend Chang hou. She is a loner and has no family, is known for cheating humans and bringing them bad luck. She is lonley (although would never admit it) and loves fish. She is the outcast of most foxes and is hated by most animals. She dislikes humans, and wolfs.

In The Fanfiction:

Nonomu appears in a Rurouni Kenshin Fan fiction named "Seasons", about Shishio and Soujiro when they were younger. (Shishio's 19, Soujiros 9.) Chang Hou (The other fox) was set to look after Soujiro and puts him to three tests to see if he could live as a normal child. (He fails all three. ^^;; Utterly.) Nonomu, after Chang hou leaves, takes advantage of the situation and tricks Soujiro and Shishio into doing stuff for her. >.> Shishio then finds out they were tricked and tried to kill Nonomu. But Nonomu turns into a fox and slips out of his hands before he can kill her. Later she comes around and ends up working for Shishio. (ROFL, Irony.) But she leaves him on Soujiro's 15th birthday.

Name: Nonomu Keichi

Age: 215

Hair: Orange

Eyes: Red

Skin/Fur: Yellowish/Orangeish

Quirks: Nonomu can't hide her ears/fur as a human! Ahh! >.> Nonomu sometimes talks in third person.

Habits: She chews on her sleeves allot and loves to be patted on the head. She says "Wan" and "Hoi" by habit as well.

Quotes: "Ho ho ho, kitsune ni bakasareru Ka?"
(Translation: "Hohoho! Were you deceived by a Demon fox?"

Favorite Food: Fish

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite people to trick: Samurai and Geisha.