I got art supplies! I FINALLY got a job, FINALLY got paid, and FINALLY stocked up on my artistic needs! I'm happy~ I got a pad of manga paper, some ink pens, nibs, and Ink. I got some french -not so curved- curves. I also got the basics: erasers, led, Pencil Sharpener, ECT. So I know my art and posts have been down the drain lately. I have been really frustrated and busy with school. I always feel like my art sucks because I don't have tablet. I guess If I put in more art I would be more popular, people would READ these things, and so on. *Blows dust off of backroom.*

I have been going through a few obsessions, my recent one is Rurouni Kenshin (I shall always be faithful to that anime! Been watching it since . . .forever. XD) Rurouni Kenshin was actually the first anime I came to see, so I have a old found love for it that decided to come out.

I also have been bugged by RP friends to post in an Code Geass RPG. Sorry! I posted the other day, though. I'm Lelouch so people depend on me. XD

Gah! School. *bleh* It takes up so much of my time! And by the time I feel like drawing-I have artist block! WHATEVER! *bangs head on desk*

*Bowbowbowbowbowbow* Hope no one thinks im mean, or annoying because I don't upload enough! Sorry my Loyal Subscribers!

In other news . . . COSPLAY! I had so much fun cosplaying at this years Con. It was so hectic and it was my first Convention so I was a bit lost. But now I get it and I hope next year I can go for all 3-4 days. I cos-played as C.C from Code Geass. Next year I'm going to cosplay as Miku Hastune, and Yumi Komagata (From Rurouni Kenshin.) and my friend is being OOBER nice and saying he will cosplay as Shishio makoto (From RK.) for me if he can get down here. Darn him for living so far away. -_-; I said I'd pay for his Costume and Admission fee but I'm not sure if I can! But I really hope he gets to come. Cause it would be awesome to have the whole gang together for the con! *dances* Even if were all cosplaying as people that have nothing to do with another. Haha! (I was teasing my friend that we would wrap him in duck tape to be Shishio. Or toilet paper! XD)

So starts my new hobby: Cosplaying.

OMG, SOJIREM! *points to the one that noms* I might be making a Soujiro plushie. I had to get that out . . . that is if I get the other job I was applying for. (I most likely will!) So, I would make my own though. . . and my sewing fine when it comes to clothes but dolls-not so much. ^^;

Sorry for this being so long but I have to tell you guys this! Anyone remember long long ago when my cat (Kallen) was pregnant but her kittens died. Well she got pregnant again like, a few weeks later (That whore), and had 5 healthy FERAL kittens. ^^; I managed to catch one at a very young age. Her name is Soujiro. I'm not obsessed Okay Okay, so Soujiro is a boys name I know. We though she was a boy! Then she got old enough to see she was missing something. XD Then my Nii-san wanted a cat, so then Archimedes was caught. So now we have arc and souji running around the house. (Gosh, soujiro is such a dim wit-I just gave her a bath, wounder where she went off too.)

Sad news is we have 3 feral cats outside with the some-what-feral-mama and the animal control wont come and pick them up! GAH! So, yeah, kitten crisis. I would put up pictures of Soujiro and Arc, but I'm on my school computer. So that'll have to wait.

Thanks for your time! *bows*