About Me:

Name: Sophia
Nicknames: Sophie, Sofa, Cream, Creme, Creme of Pep, Drocell <----(I kid you not, thats a nickname I have) Asuka, Rolo, Roll, Lithy, Chicken Girl, Turbo, Fluffy, Sqeak, Hun, Beautiful, Yuki, Yumi, Amaya, Akari, Chibi-chan, Noodles, karou.
(Feel free to use any of them.)

Favorite Anime Characters: Italy, Russia, Canada, Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru, Drocell, Grell, Sebastien, Ciel, Raven, Soujiro, Lelouch, C.C, Rolo, Kaya, Purple, Hayate, Piyoko and her gang, Konata, Miyuki, Hiyori, Sora Sempai, Kish, Train, Eve, Yotsuba, Chiyo-Chan, Sayako, San, Miku Hastune (SHE COUNTS! XD), Teto Kasune, Gagkupo, Makoto Shishio, Makoto Konno, Makoto Sawatari, Yumi Komagata, Kenshin Himura, Sanosake Sagara, Tomoe Himura, Chiyo-chan's cat dad, Vash The stampede, Toboe (Howling), Yuki.

Anime: Hetalia: Axis powers, Code geass, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Kanon 2006, Nui, Black cat, Yotsuba, Hayate no Gotoku, Earl and Fairy, Oruan High School Host Club, The wallflower, Onegai my Melodie, Lucky Star, Tokyo Mew mew, Azumanga Dioh, Trigun, The girl who leap through time, My neighbor Totoro, The place promised in our early days, Girl got Game, Di gi Charat, Kitchen Princess.

Anime Projects: Fangirl Complex, Akai Kagami.

How long have I been drawing?: 5 years. . . still not long enough to get squat done.

Mediums: Copics and Prisma. If I'm low on money, anything I can find around the house.

Current Obsessions: Hetalia: Axis powers, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club.

*If you would like to know more, please ask. Although no deeply Personal info, please. PS. It's true I update this thing way to much, and I change my avatar way to much as well. xD*

Ode to Photoshop 2

Some More:

Tara Okiwa:
External Image

An Attempt of Lelouch from some dudes My space picture. I'm going to laugh if its someone I know:
External Image

A Horrible Attempt at an Asian Rolo (I have no idea who the picture was truly.):
External Image

I was going to take a picture of my shoes . . . but I'm too lazy. X3

Ode to Photoshop

I'm in love with Photoshop right now.

C.C American:
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C.C Asian:
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Shirley Asian:
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I have been looking to find a download of the Code Geass R2 Complete Art book . I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYONE. *crazed obsessed look* *twitches*

So, if anyone knows where I could download art books, I would be grateful if you passed on the info to me.

OBSESSION! *twitch*

*crawls back into hole and searches Google deeper.*

Suprise Mama on Mothers day

I had a surprise Mama on mothers day! My little kitty cat had had her kittens a few weeks ago. We found out today! There are approximately four kittens. Sadly, one died. But three are alive and mewing for their mama's attention! As soon as they come out to play, I'll snag some pics. ^_^ And I get to pick out mine when they come out. (Mama made her nest of kitties in the black berry briers! )So, Happy Mothers day! LOL.

Cranes. anyone wanna learn how to fold a crane? I might start a origami web show on youtube. Gotta love them cranes.

Oh! And, I finally got something else besides the default ending on my Code Geass DS game. . . I got orange-kun. He confessed his love for me, and said we both weren't in a state for love though, and he sadly saw my character off. XD I laugh. . . really hard.

And I beat Rolo in speed, EVEN when he used his geass! the little IMP! Lol, cutest imp I ever seen.

Oh so, Anyone looking for a Code Geass RPG? Heres one that is awesomely made by me! We need members! project eleven

Sora Jaa nee!


YAYZ! ATF (acquire the fire)is almost here! Can't wait to go! It's gonna be so much fun! There's nothing like worshiping God to Kutless, RED, Group One Crew, and Newsboys! SO AWESOME!

Some sad news has fallen upon me this morning. My pet bunny died. It died of shock, we did all we could for it. The poor thing just couldn't make it.

Um...Yeah...I WENT SHOPPING TODAY! And my C.C cosplay wig came in a few weeks ago, I'm so happy! I also got a dress for Graduation. Yay for prettiness.

I have to apologize for the review of Code Geass drama 6. It was boys being boys, although it's not appropriate for girls to really listen to. (that's what I think.) and it's main purpose was to build up on moe to make the fan girls sqee. It really depends on who you are and what your standers are. That's all!