About Me:

Name: Sophia
Nicknames: Sophie, Sofa, Cream, Creme, Creme of Pep, Drocell <----(I kid you not, thats a nickname I have) Asuka, Rolo, Roll, Lithy, Chicken Girl, Turbo, Fluffy, Sqeak, Hun, Beautiful, Yuki, Yumi, Amaya, Akari, Chibi-chan, Noodles, karou.
(Feel free to use any of them.)

Favorite Anime Characters: Italy, Russia, Canada, Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru, Drocell, Grell, Sebastien, Ciel, Raven, Soujiro, Lelouch, C.C, Rolo, Kaya, Purple, Hayate, Piyoko and her gang, Konata, Miyuki, Hiyori, Sora Sempai, Kish, Train, Eve, Yotsuba, Chiyo-Chan, Sayako, San, Miku Hastune (SHE COUNTS! XD), Teto Kasune, Gagkupo, Makoto Shishio, Makoto Konno, Makoto Sawatari, Yumi Komagata, Kenshin Himura, Sanosake Sagara, Tomoe Himura, Chiyo-chan's cat dad, Vash The stampede, Toboe (Howling), Yuki.

Anime: Hetalia: Axis powers, Code geass, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Kanon 2006, Nui, Black cat, Yotsuba, Hayate no Gotoku, Earl and Fairy, Oruan High School Host Club, The wallflower, Onegai my Melodie, Lucky Star, Tokyo Mew mew, Azumanga Dioh, Trigun, The girl who leap through time, My neighbor Totoro, The place promised in our early days, Girl got Game, Di gi Charat, Kitchen Princess.

Anime Projects: Fangirl Complex, Akai Kagami.

How long have I been drawing?: 5 years. . . still not long enough to get squat done.

Mediums: Copics and Prisma. If I'm low on money, anything I can find around the house.

Current Obsessions: Hetalia: Axis powers, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club.

*If you would like to know more, please ask. Although no deeply Personal info, please. PS. It's true I update this thing way to much, and I change my avatar way to much as well. xD*


I am so sorry i haven't uploaded things! So So So so Sorry! I just got done with my art walk, and there are two more coming up, plus some festivals, to be finished off with my mom going on a long trip and me being shipped off to youth camp! In all this hectic-ness I shall try and get something finished and scanned. I am heading over to my Nee-sans tomorrow, so hopefully I shall be able to finish a picture there. Its frustrating also because I re-size my art to fit TheO in Photoshop, and it takes FOREVER to load so I'm being lazy and not resizing things! I'm sorry!

Mwhaha~ COSPLAY!

I dyed my hair pink. :) Me and my crazy hair, lemme tell you! lol.

So, I need help choosing a cosplay outfit. I have three ideas.

1# Miku Hastune
2# R2 C.C
3# Gothic Lolita C.C

So I really like the Gothic Lolita C.C idea, but I want peoples oppinions. Please do comment! I can post the links to the outfits if needed! And if you have any cosplay ideas, that'd me awesome.

Jaa nee!


This is some keyboard art by Allen Mullen:

Calvin and Hobbs awesome art work.

Cue a long lifeless sigh. . .

Okay People, here's the deal. Since school stopped, my life has turned into a blur of nothing-ness, and unknown stress that was hiding under the curtains of the old room titled "Summer". Thus, here I am. I have been trying very hard to upload at a steady pace, but, alas, It takes awhile to make stuff look presentable. (and Luluseason is so good, I have half a mind to just stop drawing. )

So, I did go to the beach. . . but there is really nothing to talk about from that trip, besides the fact that me and my friends are now prepared for a zombie apocalypse. O.O Zooommmbbbiieee.

Oh, and I might get to go see UP tomorrow. ^_^ So, I might upload some random line art. O.O I fell unprofessional . . . heck! that has never stopped me before!

Ahhh . . . all the kittens died that my cat died. And we have no money to get her fixed with so, we're gunna have to get rid of her. Well, we get another cat though, this ones male.

Ahhhhh! This art walk thing is getting so annoying. I need the money for my cosplay, but still! I have to find/produce 25 more pictures to sell in two months time. O.O Please help me! XD Hey! But there lays good news in the newspaper of my mind! I got sponsored for the art walk, which is SO happy news in todays economic crisis. So, wish me luck.

I am officially addicted to Code Geass R2 Banjo no Geass Gekijo. And I finally beat Rolo at speed!!! (little imp, using his geass like that.) Yet I still have not gotten anyone as my love yet. It's very hard. >.<

Mah, thats about it. My life in a not-so-much nutshell. Besides the fact that I have totally stopped my writing. I feel so stupid finishing caught. awww well.

Jaa ne.


A picture I tried to submit. It was declined, so I'll post it here.

Sorry it's so blurry, My camera sucketh.