About Me:

Name: Sophia
Nicknames: Sophie, Sofa, Cream, Creme, Creme of Pep, Drocell <----(I kid you not, thats a nickname I have) Asuka, Rolo, Roll, Lithy, Chicken Girl, Turbo, Fluffy, Sqeak, Hun, Beautiful, Yuki, Yumi, Amaya, Akari, Chibi-chan, Noodles, karou.
(Feel free to use any of them.)

Favorite Anime Characters: Italy, Russia, Canada, Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru, Drocell, Grell, Sebastien, Ciel, Raven, Soujiro, Lelouch, C.C, Rolo, Kaya, Purple, Hayate, Piyoko and her gang, Konata, Miyuki, Hiyori, Sora Sempai, Kish, Train, Eve, Yotsuba, Chiyo-Chan, Sayako, San, Miku Hastune (SHE COUNTS! XD), Teto Kasune, Gagkupo, Makoto Shishio, Makoto Konno, Makoto Sawatari, Yumi Komagata, Kenshin Himura, Sanosake Sagara, Tomoe Himura, Chiyo-chan's cat dad, Vash The stampede, Toboe (Howling), Yuki.

Anime: Hetalia: Axis powers, Code geass, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Kanon 2006, Nui, Black cat, Yotsuba, Hayate no Gotoku, Earl and Fairy, Oruan High School Host Club, The wallflower, Onegai my Melodie, Lucky Star, Tokyo Mew mew, Azumanga Dioh, Trigun, The girl who leap through time, My neighbor Totoro, The place promised in our early days, Girl got Game, Di gi Charat, Kitchen Princess.

Anime Projects: Fangirl Complex, Akai Kagami.

How long have I been drawing?: 5 years. . . still not long enough to get squat done.

Mediums: Copics and Prisma. If I'm low on money, anything I can find around the house.

Current Obsessions: Hetalia: Axis powers, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club.

*If you would like to know more, please ask. Although no deeply Personal info, please. PS. It's true I update this thing way to much, and I change my avatar way to much as well. xD*

Why, Hikaru Hitachiin, WHY?

Okay, I'm gonna rant. (Warning, this might contain small spoliers to people that have not read the Ouran high Manga.)


Okay, so I was in the book store the yesterday looking to see if the Hetalia manga was out in America, (Which I dont think it is. TT__TT) And I saw the Ouran highschool host club manga! I was like, "cool! I've been wanting to read this!" well, I flipped through some of the 13th volume and to my dispare. . . hikaru had brown hair. Okay, I freaked out and found the part where he dyes his hair. And it's all great and fine and dandy that he wants to be independent but now they look diffrent and now they're not as much funnn! I dont want the twins to grow up and split up and I want them to stay in their little world and play the which one is Hikaru gameu!!!! *sobs in emo corner and grows mushrooms with Tamaki.* I dunno why this upsets me so, but it does! and I technically have no room to talk cause I havnt read the whole thing but WHO CARES! *sobs more*


Okay, I'm done. :3 So, how was your day? ^^

Hes a Ganster!


Brings a whole new meaning to the joke "your mom."


I need all your email adresses! xD PLEASE. I entered a "Win a trip to Japan" Contest and I REALLY WANNA WIN. And you can win by referring friends to TINIER ME. I DONT CARE IF U PLAY OR NOT, JUST SIGN UP AND NEVER PLAY AGAIN FOR ALL I CARE GIVE ME A HAND IN THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA GO! XD

If you give me ur email. . . I'll draw/do something for you. XD

Alright. I'm done. *glomps people*

This made my day. ^^ Before it even started!

So, last night I drew a very large poster size picture of Drocell to put on my door. (So every time I get home I get to stare at his wonderful face. xD) Well I drew it kinda late last night and I wasnt happy with how his face and hair looked like. It was hard to draw and I wasnt sure how his hair fell.

But then I found this this morning:

A page like this is an artist best friend. LOL.
Ok ok, enough of my rant. So . . when I finally get him done I'll take a picture so you can see. . . i cant scan it cause the page is almost as big as me. xD

EDIT EDIT EDIT: HOLY COW! 770 hugs? Yay! That's over 500! XD That's almost 1000! Thank you all! That made me happier! I need to make something now. XD

My Wishlist. . . thing. . .

So I'm part of a secret Santa thing. And I'm supposed to have a wishlist. I dunno what I'm supposed to do here, so I'll just ramble off info. XD

Favorite color: Orange, hot Pink, Lime green, and rainbow, black (I love them all the same.)

Favorite food: Ice cream, hot dogs, fried chicken.

Favorite style: lolita, J-rock, Victorian.

Other: I love cute things, I love Goth things. Victorian stuff is my life. XD

Favorite Characters: (IN THIS ORDER) Drozell Cains (Cainz) From Kuroshitsuji, Soujiro Seta From Rurouni Kenshin, Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass, Piyoko Anolog III from Di gi Charat.

Are you picky about things?: Kinda. xD Not really.

Do you like yuri/yaoi: NO.

Do you mind if it's christmas based: Nope, I dont care if it easter, christmas, 4th of july, ANYTHING based! XD

Wallpaper, Card, Fanart, are you that demanding of your secret santa?: No. I'll be happy with whatever I get. ^^

Hope that helps!