About Me:

Name: Sophia
Nicknames: Sophie, Sofa, Cream, Creme, Creme of Pep, Drocell <----(I kid you not, thats a nickname I have) Asuka, Rolo, Roll, Lithy, Chicken Girl, Turbo, Fluffy, Sqeak, Hun, Beautiful, Yuki, Yumi, Amaya, Akari, Chibi-chan, Noodles, karou.
(Feel free to use any of them.)

Favorite Anime Characters: Italy, Russia, Canada, Haruhi, Kaoru, Hikaru, Drocell, Grell, Sebastien, Ciel, Raven, Soujiro, Lelouch, C.C, Rolo, Kaya, Purple, Hayate, Piyoko and her gang, Konata, Miyuki, Hiyori, Sora Sempai, Kish, Train, Eve, Yotsuba, Chiyo-Chan, Sayako, San, Miku Hastune (SHE COUNTS! XD), Teto Kasune, Gagkupo, Makoto Shishio, Makoto Konno, Makoto Sawatari, Yumi Komagata, Kenshin Himura, Sanosake Sagara, Tomoe Himura, Chiyo-chan's cat dad, Vash The stampede, Toboe (Howling), Yuki.

Anime: Hetalia: Axis powers, Code geass, Kuroshitsuji, Rurouni Kenshin, Kanon 2006, Nui, Black cat, Yotsuba, Hayate no Gotoku, Earl and Fairy, Oruan High School Host Club, The wallflower, Onegai my Melodie, Lucky Star, Tokyo Mew mew, Azumanga Dioh, Trigun, The girl who leap through time, My neighbor Totoro, The place promised in our early days, Girl got Game, Di gi Charat, Kitchen Princess.

Anime Projects: Fangirl Complex, Akai Kagami.

How long have I been drawing?: 5 years. . . still not long enough to get squat done.

Mediums: Copics and Prisma. If I'm low on money, anything I can find around the house.

Current Obsessions: Hetalia: Axis powers, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran Highschool Host Club.

*If you would like to know more, please ask. Although no deeply Personal info, please. PS. It's true I update this thing way to much, and I change my avatar way to much as well. xD*

Check in

Hey guys, wassup? So, I guess Im just posting for everyone to know I'm still living. Check out this song, It's amazing:

I skipped the Merry Christmas and went strait to the New year.

Hey people! Merry Christmas! :D I hope it was awesome. This year I learned that I am mostly German and that's where all my weird Christmas Traditions came from.
Yay German!

External Image

Teehee. :D Hetalia has taken over my mind. Theres no turning back.

Since everyone I have seen so far have asked me what I got for Christmas I shall make a list so no one has to ask.

*Lelouch Lamperouge Plushie
*Lots and lots of candy
*Hair ties (I needed them desperately.)
*Some of my sisters photography (my fave pic of my friends bard feet on the beach. lawl.)
*Socks! So many socks! :D
*A teddy bear names fredward (dont ask)
*My friend Ross! XD
*20$ for Needed art supplise (That made my day)
*Awesome guy pants (A.K.A Fluffy PJ pants that are too big for you.)
*A bag
*[email protected]! Vol. 5 (yeessss! :D)
*A dress (lolita! Heck yeah!)
*A petite coat
*Leg warmers
*Gloves (I needed those badly.)
*Peanut butter fudge (Fufufufufu.)
*Black and Red plaid Skinny jeans (Freaking awesomeness.)

And of course getting together with friends and family was freaking awesome as well. It's not much, most things are small, but I love everything I got and I loved the time I spent with loved ones. It was a wonderful christmas despite my dear great grandpas death last week. We are all worried and praying about my grandma, but none the less and tears put aside, it was wonderful.

Tomarrow I get to spend that 20$ bucks. :P

So, I'm all ready for the new year! It's scary moving ahead, but I shall handle it! I'm trying to see the happy things about another year. A new fresh year, a new pallet to paint upon and make another wonderful year. More friends to meet, more hearts to embrace, more experience and fun to gather, fresh anime to bathe myself in. :P Although scary things are if I'm able to finish my school in time cause I'm behind, or, what terrors 2010 can carry with it as well, but I'm trying to look away from them for the moment.

I usually don't make new year resolutions, but Im going to today.

*Be a more understanding person
*be nicer and less crude
*Work on my portrait and realistic drawing
*Tell more people about Jesus
*Talk less about anime to my mom so she dosn't go insane.
*Try and work on my book more
*read my bible each night
*Get my Manga started.

I know they seem like little un-importent things but they are stuff I really wanna work on. So I guess thats it. . . oh! Please visit my blog,
One Sunflower Warrior Thank you so much!

Bai bai.


Sorry about my recent. . .

Hey people,. just a heads up, sorry about my recent art and its suckeshness. xD I've been playing around with different ways to go about things and Its taking some getting used to, its like stepping onto a whole different high wire. So I'm planning to put up some of my old style sketches that people seemed to love, soon. <3

H-H-oney-Sempai *facepalm*

So I guess when me and a group of friends decided to nickname each other after Ouran High School Host Club Members, we weren't relizeing we'd be role playing so much. XD Last night we role played via text. Which is absolutely hilarious.

So I had been trying to get ahold of Hikaru all day (BTW, I'm karou) which was failing cause apperntally she was over at her cousins house and she wouldnt answer her phone, so I guess the next time she picks up her phone shes gunna see "Text from Karou, Text from Karou, Text from Karou. . ." LOL. but anywho I kinda gave up but I still wanted to talk to someone, so I text-ed Honey-sempai. O__O which would have gone well if she hadnt. . .lost her Usachan. . . *facepalm* So I get a text back saying "I lost my usachan! *crycrysobsob* and I have no Takashi to comfort me!"

Cause Mori was. . . well. . .we could have texted her but shes married and it was almost midnight and I didnt have the guts to do that. XD and the lord dosnt text (I doubt he'd know what to do, anyway.) and er, we have no kyouya. xD So it was pretty much just me and Honey.

So I text back and gave her some cake, and while she was distracted I turned and text haruhi, since thats the only person I could get ahold of at 11:30PM. xD Thankfully she helped me out, and, after interrogating people and asking some of the girls in the host club, Haruhi found Honey-sempai's Usachan in Classroom A. But we had to tell Honey-sempai that haruhi found it at the end of a rainbow cause Honey-Sempai had convinced herself that Lepercons had stolen her Usachan, and so she took out a huge mallet to hurt them with. (I hid.) But thankfully, haruhi found it before any harm was done.

But er. . . she didn't believe that it was her usachan. . . and she used a flame thrower on it. Thankfully Jerico (Um. . how can I put this, he is Honeys favorite character from one of her stories.) calmed her down and said he'd find her another usachan before my birthday. And Pretty much the rest of the night was spent talking about tea and work with Haruhi, and the occasional rant about me missing Hikaru and how my bed was empty and alone, which lead into the story of when Hikaru kicked me off the bed. =___=

And when Honey-Sempai finally noticed she wouldn't have her Usachan for awhile, she started crying again, but I had fallen asleep by then. >D

So yeah. . . that was last night. XD
This is what happens when we are all bored, and doing nothing. xD (I guess haruhi was watching anime, so she was being more productive then Honey and I. LOL)

Gamer Otaku lost her job, Kupo~

So I guess I lost my job. :( Which makes me very very sad. No more money. but I guess I'm not in a ditch dyeing somewhere so it's cool. Haha. I'm very excited for this Christmas! So far the count down to christmas eve has brought wonderful things and quality family time, which are two of my favorite things of the season. Even though were not very rich, we still know how to have a good time. ^^

So I have some commissions I hope to get done. I'm a secret Santa so I'm freaking out on what I'm gunna draw my person. . .cause I have honestly no clue what to do for her/him. Hopefully I'll get it figured out.

I love Hetalia! I cant wait for the new season in 2010! :3 I'm so excited, that and a new Code Geass project! I had a feeling they'd continue, I just hope they don't ruin it~ So 2010 is looking good for me already! Sadly, I have no idea what I'm going to do for my birthday, it cant be my usual all nighter cause we dont have the money to feed the masses, so I was thinking of just a cosplay party cause everyone was psyched with the idea to dress up as Ouran high characters. I hope Hikaru (Kakashikrazed) can come~ Shes often busy or sick so I told her to make sure to have the second week of march reserved for her twin. XD Cause I mean come on, I'm gunna cry if she cant come. I'm pretty sure honey-sempai (ShorterthenED) can come, shes not really busy and Haruhi I HOPE can come since I never see the woman and I would really like me shirt back that I left at her house. xD Kyouya most likley wont be able to come, which makes me sad. :( and I would invite Tamaki if I knew him better. ROFL. Although, at Honey-sempai's birthday I did grab his cloak and run around with it, and we played tug-o-war. . . but he was so quite during the RK all niter we forgot he was there. ROFL. I wanna invite some other people but I'm not sure they'd enjoy it. :( I'm torn on what to do. . .

wow. . .rant much? xD

Anyway, I picked up some old Wii games today that I haven't played in a year. Soul caliber and Pangya golf. I haven't been able to beat Cecila FOR EVER! I hate that woman! No navy navigator should play golf, its just wrong!!! >.< And as for soul caliber I wanted to beat the final level but my brother and I forgot what it was called so we couldn't find the mission. *sweatdrop* So I started another mission and I was doing great until a pillar fell on me. . .Epic fail. XD

And I forgot how much I LOVE Iska!!! ~<3 I love that evil evil man. xD His white hair and red and blue eyes make me think of the American flag. ROFL.

So that's about it, I'm bored.
Merry Christmas~<3