Welcome to my world page for anime boys that i like. I will even take offers from other ppl about their fan boys to put on the page or u can add some information to my guys info if i approve hehe. Heres one big deal though i am obsessed with Itachi, ya i no what happens to him dont remind me. Hope you enjoy what i think from my prespective

Night class Fan Boys

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Character info on Kaname:

He’s normally a stoic and authoritative individual, but is very kind, warm and gentle to Yuki. He is very strict and often imposes discipline in a fierce way. Yet he is indulgent to Yuki, even though she tends to put herself in danger. Kaname never hides the fact that he’s not interested in anything else but Yuki’s welfare. Every action he makes is towards one goal and that’s Yuki’s happiness. Kaname’s love for his sister cannot be reached beyond the depths of the abysses in the monster world they live in.

My prespective: Kaname is just trying to protect the one he loves the most. Now doesnt that just warm every girls heart up. I think he also has a bit of temper when his plan seems to go wrong. But other than that he is cute calm and hot

Character info on Aidou:

He is very outgoing and charismatic, often playing up in front of the Day Class girls. He is also careless about keeping the fact that he is a vampire secret, often asking girls what their blood type is. His actions frequently draw Kaname's disapproval, and he is usually punished for his brashness by the Pureblood.

My prespective: Aidou is the type of guy you just want to bring along to public places. He may fall over girls quickly but he is a cute funny guy that would make you laugh and would have a serious talk at the same time. He is the definition of a best friend and a good boyfriend

Character info on Shiki:

Shiki possesses a personality similar to Rima's, he is impassive, and often detached to the rest of the vampires except for Rima and Ichijo, though he rarely expresses emotion at all, even with Rima around. He appears to be lazy and indolent, and may seem like he doesn't care about anything at all because of his reserved nature, he keeps to himself. However, he will stand by his friends' side when there's danger.

My prespective: Shiki is the type to keep quiet about his personal life. You just want to talk to him to see what truely what he feels and what he is like. Mysterous is a way to get to the ladies interest.


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Some character info: Kyo is the cat or outcast of the zodiac. Whenever he embraces a person of the opposite gender, he transforms into a cat. Kyo is really sensitive, so it is easy to get him pissed off. Whenever he loses his temper, he says mean things without thinking about what he's saying.

My prespective: Kyo is a lil rough around the edges when you first meet him. His main goal is defeat his cusin yuki. First off i wanna say about that is at least he has a goal in life to make him a person. But the past is the past and you cant blame yuki since there was people with the rat in them in the past. Kyo though he may seem harsh has a very sweet spot for Tohru which brings out the cute side of that just wants to make u hug him to death.


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Character Study: Set up as Sasuke's murdering older brother, Itachi remains a mystery for much of the series. Acting through Akatsuki, he appears to share ideals with the group. It's not until his eventual death that the true nature and beliefs the man held are revealed. Everything he did was for Konoha's benefit.

My prespective: In the beginning Itachi Uchiha was the bad guy. He was hot doing it though for seeming like he didn’t really care for the world. Who doesn’t like the bad boy type? In the middle when you get to learn more about sasuke Uchiha’s past with his brother Itachi you get to see the caring side and you just wonder what went completely wrong with that. No one would go to that insane factor of killing the whole clan without a better reason. In the end, when the final battle comes to fight sasuke, itachi new from the beginning that he would lose. He fought the last of his strength to make his brother happy to win without telling him the truth. Itachi thought for the best of his younger brother and that what makes him special. For him to do something for his younger brother. It is is quiet adorable n I love it! ^/_^ Itachi forever!

This is me with my itachi plushie woot adorable-ness!
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