This worlds single purpose is to improve peoples creative writing skills. I'll be posting challenges and writing activities here for everyone to have a go at. So if you want to perticipate just PM me and i'll add you as a guest poster. I also think it'd be pretty cool if you made one or two OC's to use in the different activities but if you just want to make it up as you go along that's cool too. ^-^

Posters so far:
fluffy sama fan
akari yasutora
vixen vectressa

Easter Challenge

Happy Easter everyone i haven't posted here much since making this world. But anyway heres a challenge. Write about an easter egg hunt. Oter than that do whatever you like ^-^

Meet your Maker *Zacman the Damned*

I was walking down the street, it was late at night... I was preoccupied with various thoughts swirling around my head, and distracted by the flickering twilight of the street lights above, and the few neon signs. As I passed a bar, I was snapped ...

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Challenge: Meet your maker *Akari Yasutora*

I sighed staring at the wall of drinks including Gatorade, Starbucks, many different kinds of soda, Vitamin Water, alcohol (which I completely ignored), and many other liquids. I was debating in my head between Starbucks and Vitamin Water....

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101 things about my OC Alexei

1) He's Human... As far as he knows 2) He has 2 swords, Order and Chaos 3) He can tell the speed and direction a sword is coming from by the sound of it cutting the air 4) He likes Kittens 5) He might have a favourite food,...

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activity 2 (2): Random words

if you don't want to do the other activity you can do this one instead, or u can do both lolz.
For this challenge just write anything you want but it must include the following words: blue, black, time, trampolinel, bubbles, eggplant and explodergatorised (a really long word that means explode, exploded)