Little Mermaid scans + future works poll

Since this place has begun to turn into an image dump, I'll take this opportunity to present my latest project: scanning Disney books. The guys working on a newspaper here have decided to print some cool books featuring the beloved Disney cartoons from our childhood. And I decided to scan these books, clean them and distribute the scans for free (without forgetting the credits, of course ^^).
Here is a complete list of the books (I'm still hoping for more, but I don't think they'll release any more ;_;). Some translations of the names are pretty obvious (look for the "duh" parts :D)

Okey dokey, now I'm working on the Little Mermaid book. It's the first I got because I didn't care much for the other 2 before - but I might get them if people are interested in seeing scans ^_^ Here's what I've done up to this point from LM (click the image below). A .ZIP/.RAR file will be made when I'll have finished all the scans, for easier downloading.

External Image

Now onto the poll part. I'm going to need to know what I should scan next, so I made a list. I'll choose what to pick up based on which one gets more votes And I'll only add a few because I doubt anyone wants to wait a month to see a certain book done. So, please vote for one or two - if you pick two, please make the first choice you write the one you'd want to see sooner, ok?

  • The Jungle Books
  • 101 Dalmatians
  • Alladin
  • Sleeping Beauty (got it)
  • Peter Pan (Edit 29.06: got it~)
  • Alice in Wonderland (coming out Monday, 6th of July)

Here's the list again~
These are all for now, because I doubt I can finish the Little Mermaid one in a week. Although I've done 20 out of 34, some are pretty difficult to clean (remove text and stitch together). Each book has 32 spreads and 2 single pages (cover + credits page a.k.a. "inner cover").

So yeah, I'd appreciate it if you told me what you'd like to see~ You can be a total stranger and just comment because you saw the notification because you subscribed to the Little Mermaid category, I don't mind! Thank you for the support!