Screencaps: PGSM Crystal episode 9!

Aand we're back to a huge-ass archive actually split into two huge-ass archives. I really liked this episode, what can I say. Probably won't be doing a smartass review on it, since it was pretty touching and it addressed some issues I'd also been thinking about for some time (like did Serenity just bodysnatch a poor kid just to be reincarnated?) Also liked the part with Rei advising Usagi that she doesn't have to repeat Serenity's life. And GO USAGI, finally getting serious!

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Details: 1920 x 1080 px, no watermarks, very high quality
Download: part 1 (99 images, 78 MB) | part 2 (99 images, 76 MB)

Stitching didn't give me any grief this episode, surprisingly. There are a lot of static vertical shots (meaning the camera just scrolls over a static image), so stitching the pieces together isn't difficult. Some of these aren't much taller than 1080 px, but they do include more details (like more of Mamoru being visible in #2).

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Download: 1 (1920x1911) | 2 (1920x1247) | 3 (1920x1615) | 4 (1920x1861) | 5 (3475x1080) | 6 (1920x1476)

Overall it was a great episode. Can't wait for the tenth one!

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