Screencaps: PGSM Crystal episodes 7+8!

It took freakin' ages to finish watching episode 7 because I was terribly bored of the Usagi and Mamoru scenes. Thankfully, Zoisite made up for the bore and episode 8 was more action-packed. Can't wait for episode 9!

As for why the archive for episode 7 is so small despite the number of screencaps - it's because they're more compressed. As a consequence, they also have slightly more JPEG artifacts. The ones for episode 8 are PNG-quality, though.

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Details: 1920 x 1080 px, 162 files (47 MB) -- download
Stitched: Usagi and Mamoru | Sailor Venus's first in-person appearance

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Details: 1920 x 1080 px, 108 files (78 MB) -- download
Stitched: Beryl boobs | Sailor V appears...again | Sailor Venus de-transforms | Mamoru thinks

Sailor Venus's de-transformation was the most challenging stitching of this batch, but it was worth it IMO. Definitely one of the most beautiful shots so far, along with Sailor Venus's Senshi transformation *q*

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